Monday, December 3, 2007

Writing An eBook About Hobbies

If you're new to the "Writing and Publishing
eBooks" business, you may be blocked.
Knowing you want to write but when looking
at a blank screen, your mind goes blank.

Many eBook writers find the hobby niche
successful. The hobbyists I know personally
are always on the look-out for anything to
do with their hobby. They devour everything!

Even if you don't have a particular hobby, as
a writer, research is the answer. This research
can be done at bookstores, the library and

The list of hobbies is endless. From the arts and
crafts niche to computer-related hobbies. And
everything in between.

There are two sources of information you can
study that will provide you with everything you
need to know to get started in writing eBooks
about any hobby you choose.

"Hobbies For Profit" should be considered at

And for the bible on writing eBooks, learn
from the one who truly knows the business.

"Building An eBook Empire" will guide you
from starting to write all the way to publishing
your eBook and marketing your eBook on the

You can make 2008 the year in which you
can call yourself an eBook writer!