Saturday, December 29, 2007

How To Make Money Online In 2008!

We're getting closer to the New Year.

Some of us are thinking about the parties.
Some of us are feeling kinda blue. We're
thinking back over the year and wondering
where it went. Wondering how the goals
we made didn't quite all get accomplished.

Then we promise ourselves that THIS
coming year is when we make it all happen.

** If you've been trying hard to make money
online this past year and you're feeling
discouraged and feel like quitting, this is
for you...

** If you realize you HAVE to find a way
to earn extra money this year, this is for

Because the one undeniable fact is...
to make real money online you need to
have your own product. eBooks are the
way to get your feet wet in internet

All the experienced marketers say the
same thing. Because that's what worked
for them.

Do yourself a favor and read what one
of these guys has to say. Look at the others
who endorse what he says and does.

And he hasn't even been internet
marketing any amount of time. You can
get hold of his knowledge for $7. That's
right. Hey, you just spent a lot of money
on Christmas, right? You deserve a break!

When I bought Instant Cash Payouts, to
be honest, I thought..."Now how much will
I get for $7 anyway?" I had a nice surprise.

Stuart lays everything out for you. Do what
he says and you WILL have your own
product. You WILL have an internet marketing
business. You WILL have the best New Year
of your life.

At least go to his site and read more about it...
Check out the bonuses he throws in...
And, there's another nice surprise. But,
you'll have to find it yourself.

You won't be sorry. Well, you will if you
wake up with a hangover on Jan. 1st!
But you don't have to have a money
hangover this time NEXT year!

Play safe. Make magic. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Writing eBooks: It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

If your mind is made up to write an eBook
in 2008 but you're scared witless, this is
for you.

If you are already an eBook writer
and almost lost your mind in the process,
this is for you.

If you want to make money online and
know bloody well that you should have
your own product, this is for you.

If you've been studying internet marketing
and want to copy the success stories, this
is for you.

If you've been marketing affiliate programs
and you're ready to throw your computer
through the window if you see another row
of ZEROS, my friend, this is most definitely
for YOU!

It's true. You need your own exclusive product.
More importantly, you WANT it.

Now there's help for all of us. In the form of
a point-by-click, hold-your-hand, kick-you-
in-the-butt system for creating your own
info-product. In as fast a time as humanly

And the successful info-product owners are
endorsing this system as well. Go see for

"I'm an eBook writer!" Has a nice ring to it,
don't you think?

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Google Adwords For Telling The World About Your Info-Product

When your info-product is completed,
you will want to introduce it to the planet.

Undoubtedly, one of the ways you'll be
looking into will be Google Adwords. Or
similar ads.

Then, naturally you'll be concerned with
advertising costs. Well, this New York
doctor has come up with something, that
at first, I scoffed at. Couldn't be possible,
I'd figured.

Well, after waiting and dawdling, guess
what? I was wrong. Not only is this the
real deal BUT Google loves it! Who knew?

You'll have to check this out.

Secret to Getting Google Ads FREE just $67

Have a Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Writing eBooks: Create Your Info-Product In The Easiest Way

Writing your first eBook can be a daunting
task. We tend to look at the big picture right
at the beginning. Then we panic. We over-
analyze until we're paralyzed. And then we do

So the thing to do is take a deep breath and
think of thumbnail size pictures. The old
cliches are true. "One step at a time". "How
do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."
Get the picture?

For many successful eBook writers and
publishers, they started out on a small scale.
By producing reports. Yes, reports make
money. They did in the days of mail-order
and they especially do today, online.

You still have your own exclusive product.
Since we know that's the only way to become
truly successful, go for it.

A report is not as long as an eBook. You can
take articles if you've been writing them and
put them together in a report.

If you have no articles, just think in those
terms. Saying you only need to write an
article seems less intimidating than thinking
of an eBook.

One way to make the process as simple and
as painless as it can be is to use something
called the Info-Product Dashboard by Marlon
Sanders. He practically all but writes your
eBook for you.

It's hard to explain the system. You really
have to take a look at the official site to see
how it works.

Almost like paint-by-numbers. Instead,
you'll be clicking. But, you will have your
own exclusive info-product to sell online.

Hope you all had a very Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Infopreneur: How To Become One In 2008!

You've decided this New Year is the year
you finally write your eBook. You've thought
about writing an eBook for years. You've
dreamed about it even longer. This year
nothing is going to hold you back. Right?

Then you realize you may just need a little
help. You know you could write an eBook if
you had a little guidance. Sure, you could go
the trial-and-error route. Wasting a lot of
time. Hey, you've already wasted enough

You don't want to start one and then find
out that nobody has any interest in buying
it. You want to offer people what they want
to know. Find you niche, as they say.

Since there's a right way and a wrong way
to approach anything, may as well get the
goods before you start. Then you can be
assured of success.

There are two wonderful mentors I have found.
One is an eBook guide by Tiffany Dow. I keep
reading this over and over and still find new gems.
Following this guide as it leads you by the hand,
telling you everything you need to know to
write, publish and market your eBook online.

Tiffany knows what she's talking about. She was
a ghostwriter to the so-called "internet marketing
gurus". For years, Tiffany wrote their eBooks.
They put their name on them and made the

Finally she decided to show you what really goes
on behind those closed doors of the most famous
internet marketing giants. She also learned from
them what it takes to market a book. To take it
to bestseller status.

And, Tiffany Dow teaches you everything you need
to know to write and market your eBook online. To
read more about Tiffany's Build An eBook Empire...

The other approach is almost a paint-by-numbers
guide from Marlon Sanders. His newly-released
Info-Product Dashboard is a proven hit already.

It's like clicking your way to creating your own
infoproduct. You will have your infoproduct in
6 weeks!

Check out the always entertaining Marlon Sanders:

Whichever approach suits your personality, you
can be sure that with either these two mentors
leading you by the hand, you will have your ebook
written and ready for the world to see in this New

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

eBook Writers & AdWords

Ahh...the eBook! And the eBook writer!

--You've either written your eBook...
--In the process of writing an eBook...
--Thinking about writing an eBook...

Either way, when you are ready to tell
the planet about your creation, you will
need a way to advertise.

There are many ways, of course. You can
write articles and if the reader is interested
in what you have to say, they'll click on your
link in the resource box.This will take them
to a webpage where they can find out the
contents of your eBook.

You can work on optimizing your website.
In this way, you hope and pray that the
search engines will see fit to position your
webpage near the top of the heap.

Or you can use Google's AdWords program.
The successful internet marketers all seem
to be using AdWords. They certainly get the
most traffic to their sites by using this method
of advertising.

Just this morning, in my email was a report on
using AdWords without spending a lot of
money. (I couldn't hit the PayPal button
fast enough!)

If you'd like to take a look at what got me
all excited, be my guest at...

I wish for all of you eBook lovers, the best
possible Holiday Season. Play safe and create
magical memories for you and your loved ones!

Merry Christmas!

P. S. And...if you want the granddaddy of learning
about Google AdWords, just click below. It costs
way more money, of course. Something that at this
time of year, for most of us, is in short supply. Indeed!

Click here to get Google ads FREE

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Discover Powerful Secrets From A World-Class Ghostwriter

When you want to learn how to do anything,
you seek out the best teacher to learn the ropes.

If you want to write eBooks and make money
online as an information entrepreneur, there's
no finer teacher than Tiffany Dow.

As a ghostwriter for internet marketing "gurus"
she watched HER books become bestsellers with
THEIR names on them. Ouch!

So now she's unveiling the secrets. Exposing
the truth of how to write, publish and market

This truly is a bible for writing eBooks. Solid
information. You're taken from start-to-finish.
As I read chapter after chapter, I was simply
gobsmacked. I'd never expected so much proven,
exclusive information on writing eBooks.

Nothing is left out. You won't be stuck at any
part of the writing or marketing process, wondering
what to do next. You'll have everything you'll
need to know.

Take a look at the official site at:

Season's Greetings!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Writing eBooks: Is There A Book In You?

Is there a book in you? It's been said that there
IS at least ONE book inside of everyone!

So now you just have to get it out. And to
the readers. Writing the "how-to" is a
successful means to make money with writing.

Many write, publish and market their books
on the internet. You have a global market of
potential customers.

You can write about something you are
passionate about. There will be others who
will pay for your special knowledge on the

Take a look in your local bookstore. The
subjects in the "how-to" section are endless.
Even if you're at a loss for what to write about
but you KNOW you want to write and make
money with writing, there's always research.

You'll look into a niche market. Here's where
you'll target a certain group of customers.
"Evergreen" subjects are always winners.
These are subjects that will always be around,
unlike fads or trends.

Examples are: relationships, marriage, children,
employment, making money, etc...
People always want to know how-to be happier,
pain-free, thinner, get the picture.

Once you determine what you will write about
then the work begins. There's a method developed
by Marlon Sanders who makes writing an
infoproduct as easy as possible. It's like

He guides you in a step-by-step, click-by-click
method that will have you with an info-product ready to
release to the world in the shortest time, humanly

Take a look at Marlon describing this innovative
tool to help you become an Information Entrepreneur
and make money online.

Hint: This makes a wonderful Christmas gift
for the writer on your list if you're still not
finished shopping!

Season's Greetings!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Info-Products: Selling What You Know

If you have a particular interest in anything,
trust me, others want to know it too! Go into
any bookstore. You'll see people buying books
about How-To Information.

Do you think it's the first book they ever bought
on that particular subject? Hardly. When we
are passionate about something, we want to get
our hands on everything about our special interest.

So, whatever it is you know about, there are
buyers out there that will pay you for your take
on the subject. You may be the one to give them
an A-ha! moment.

If you can carry on a conversation with a friend,
you can write eBooks to market online. And,
sure enough, there's help available for the would-be

If you like the idea of an eBook, Tiffany Dow has
one of the best. She gained knowledge of writing
eBooks by being a ghostwriter to the internet
marketing gurus. The ones who went on to make
a lot of money. Tiffany wrote many of those

If you want a chapter-by-chapter detailed review
of her book, Building An eBook Empire, click on
my May posts. With her guidance, you'll be taken
from start to finish. will take
you to Tiffany's website.

Then we have Marlon Sanders. He's just released a
product that helps you get your info-product to
the market as easy as paint-by-numbers. You'll
see what I mean after listening to the incomparable
Mr. Sanders at:

Get started now and you'll have your eBook on the
market in 2008!

Season's Greetings!

Monday, December 10, 2007

How To Be A Knowledge Entrepreneur

Or infopreneur. Or info-product entrepreneur.
Info-product producer. I like that one.
There are many names for a writer these days.
Do you ever hear "author, author" anymore?
I do. In my dreams. But that's another story.

It comes down to this. If you want to write,
publish and market books or eBooks, I can't
think of a more satisfying vocation.

If you want to market your eBooks online, it's
even better. Yes, there are very successful
information entrepreneurs out there making
a jaw-dropping income.

The most successful eBook writers are writers
of how-to books. Look in the bookstores. Can
you believe the books being sold to do with
How-To Do "anything"?

Publishers know a good thing when they see it.
And you know a good thing too. Self-publishing.
It doesn't have to be a dream any longer.

You can package and sell something you get for
FREE. It's inside your brain. Knowledge. Don't
say you don't know anything. You know stuff.
Lots of stuff. Information that other people will
pay you money to get their hands on. And don't
forget the wonderful world of research!

It's even easier today because of all the help
available to you for writing eBooks. People like
Marlon Sanders for one. This guy cranks me up!

He's come out with another winner. Newly-released.
I swear it will almost write ebooks for you!
You really should take a look. Even if it's just to
hear and watch the always entertaining Mr. Sanders.

Like I say, he just cranks me up!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Advertise Your Website FREE!

You have your eBook written! Congratulations!
You can now call yourself an eBook Writer!
Now you want the world to know about it. But,
have you seen the cost of advertising?

If you're just starting out it can floor you in one
second flat. Heck, even if this is your 10th eBook
and you're an internet marketing guru already,
you still like saving money.

Now you can save mega amounts of advertising
expense. I have to admit when I first heard about
this, I did nothing about it. Figured I'd wait and see
if it was for real. I mean, if something is too good
to be true, I always run the other way.

Well, who's sorry now? ME! Because this is for
real. Don't make the same mistake I did. Now is
the time to jump on this chance to advertise your
business and save oodles of money doing it.

Check it out so your home based business can
bring money into your bank account instead of
the advertising guru's coffers!
Click here to get Google ads FREE
Let's make 2008 the year when your hard work finally pays off!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Financially Challenged? It's Time For A Change

As 2007 comes to a close, we start making promises
to ourselves. One of them usually has something
to do with MONEY!

We vow to ourselves we are sick and tired of
struggling to make ends meet. Enough is enough.

So you research online until you are overwhelmed
and a little bit crazy. Now you know what
information overload is all about.

Tips To Shut Out The Noise

1. Take deep breath

2. Zero in on one thing that interests YOU. Don't
get caught up in every headline, offer and promise
you come across.

3. When you feel your hair stand on end, shut off
the computer and give it a rest. It will still be there
later on after you've taken a refresher.

4. When you find something you're interested in
and you'd like to give it a try...FOCUS. On yourself.
Don't go looking for trouble. Like how much competition
there is in your niche.

5. Know and understand there will be road blocks.
Where isn't there any? You will get over them.

6. Be persistent. Not to the point you're chewing
nails. The kind you hammer, that is. Moderation
is key. You want to make more money. Not make
yourself sick.

7. Pat yourself on the back for deciding to change
how you do things and make a better life for yourself
and your loved ones.

There is only one way to have NO competition. That
is with your own exclusive product. The easiest way
to get your own product is to create it.

And to do that in the fastest, easiest way possible
without locking yourself in a padded cell is right here...


Friday, December 7, 2007

Write, Publish and Market Your eBook...Finally!

You've made promises to yourself before. had to find a way to not only
supplement your income BUT find a way
to make real serious money with your own
business.'ve heard to be successful, you
should have your own exclusive product.
And you've been meaning to do just that.
For years..... more excuses. Because you are
about to meet the answer that will blow all
your old, worn-out excuses out of the water.

You will have your own, exclusive product.
You will have your own home based business.
You will be making some serious money.
You will wonder where this was all your life.

Check it out right now...

And get ready for one heck of a 2008!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Create Your Own Info-Product In 6 Weeks!

Have you bought books in the past on
"How To Write An eBook"?

Have any of the eBooks helped you create
your own product? If so, congratulations!

There's no feeling like it. However, if you
are still struggling with writing an eBook
OR you're just in the process of considering
writing an eBook, secure your seat belt.

This is one ride you'll want to jump on. Right
now. Because you're going to be able to get
your hands on a product so revolutionary, it
will make your head spin.

When you own this product, you will have your
very own eBook created in 6 weeks! Yes, 6 weeks.

Talk about being guided through the writing
process. If you have this product, there is simply
NO WAY you can't have your eBook written and
ready to market in 6 weeks.

And when you see all the resources you'll be getting
as well, I know you'll be blown away. Get right over
to the official site and check it out at...

Just in time for Christmas!
Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 3, 2007

Writing An eBook About Hobbies

If you're new to the "Writing and Publishing
eBooks" business, you may be blocked.
Knowing you want to write but when looking
at a blank screen, your mind goes blank.

Many eBook writers find the hobby niche
successful. The hobbyists I know personally
are always on the look-out for anything to
do with their hobby. They devour everything!

Even if you don't have a particular hobby, as
a writer, research is the answer. This research
can be done at bookstores, the library and

The list of hobbies is endless. From the arts and
crafts niche to computer-related hobbies. And
everything in between.

There are two sources of information you can
study that will provide you with everything you
need to know to get started in writing eBooks
about any hobby you choose.

"Hobbies For Profit" should be considered at

And for the bible on writing eBooks, learn
from the one who truly knows the business.

"Building An eBook Empire" will guide you
from starting to write all the way to publishing
your eBook and marketing your eBook on the

You can make 2008 the year in which you
can call yourself an eBook writer!