Friday, February 13, 2009

eBook Publishing Demands Quality eCover Software To Create A Good Impression

How To Create A First-Rate Impression For Your eBook!

Do you want a project you've poured your heart
and soul into to make a bad first impression? Of
course not. Yet many eBook publishing infopreneurs
think their ebook will sell if it's viewed in any ole' kind
of light. Not so...

In this case you CAN tell a book by its cover.
eCover design has to be taken seriously. You have
a quality product to offer the world. Your job is
not finished yet.

Now you have to create an eCover to show your
eBook at its best advantage. This is where this
incredible software comes in. It's already becoming
a bestseller. That should tell you something.

How To Create A First-Rate Impression For Your eBook!

And it's as easy to use as pushing a button!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yes, You Can Tell An eBook By Its Cover

How To Create Unique eBook Covers!

You've went from writing an eBook to finishing
your eBook. What a thrill. You're so in awe of
yourself. And rightly so. Now you want to package
it and sell your ebook online.

Let's face it. Appearance counts. Especially
when it comes to your eBook. You want it shown
in its best light.

So what do you do? Create an eCover, that's what.
Now, it's so easy, you'll be in awe of yourself all
over again. With just the push of a button.

There's brand-new software that can do the
job for you. PushButton eCover can...

* Create 100% Original eCovers within minutes!

*Increase the conversions on your website by 500%

* Instantly DEMAND your website visitors attention.

* Save HUNDREDS of dollars on graphics design.

* Saves time with easy interface!

Now, get that baby of yours covered up and send
it out to face the world!

Click the link below to watch the video!

How To Create Unique eBook Covers!