Monday, December 1, 2008

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Internet Marketing Loved One

If you have an internet marketer on your
Christmas gift list, you have stumbled onto
what could be their best Christmas present,
ever. Bar none!

This isn't an inexpensive gift, so it would only be
for someone very close to you. Someone who is
into information marketing. Or someone who truly
wants to work with info-products but doesn't have
the knowledge to become successful.

You loved one has probably heard of Dan Kennedy.
He's called many names. Like Grandfather of the
Internet. The Guru's Guru. You get the gist.

This man knows his stuff. He's paid a fortune by
big corporations. Because he delivers on his promises.
Now he has put together the home-study course of
all time.

Read about him and his course. This could be just
what your loved one needs to be a success with
marketing. It can be delivered right to your door
so you can wrap it up and put it under the Christmas
tree. If your loved one lives far away, it can be
delivered right to their door. What A Christmas!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Now YOU Can Learn From The Top Gun Of The Information Marketing Industry

OK. This is serious stuff. I just had an email
telling me about something near and dear to my

Information marketing. And my heart is still
pounding. Before the internet, anyone who created
info products had only one way to get the word
out. By direct marketing. Mail order.

It's so much easier today with our technology.

I studied the top marketers back then. One of
them was Dan Kennedy.

A brief introduction for those of you who aren't
familiar with this man.

Dan Kennedy is one of the reasons (in some cases,
the BIG reason) for the successes of: John Reese,
Ewen Chia, Russell Brunson, Yanik Silver, Carl
Galletti, Jeff Paul, Ken McCarthy and too many
others to even list here.

He is the "guru’s guru".

Plain simply, he is a genius. (Everyone who knows
him agrees with that statement.) And that's why even
billion dollar companies pay for his advice. And
they pay BIG. We're talking mega-bucks. Why?
Because Dan knows his field. He produces results.

Now Dan has taken the information he taught in
a seminar and has made it available for the rest
of us.

Please take note:

This is only for those serious about building
an information marketing business. And, quite
frankly, those who can afford his course.
Don't go spending your hard-earned money if
you're in a financial bind. Wait until things

People who attended this seminar paid nearly
four thousand dollars! That's right. $4,000.00!
Because they knew it would be worth it. And,
they were absolutely right!

This course called Info-Riches has just been
released today! Nov. 24th 2008. The pre-launch
price will hold until Dec. 8th. Then I don't
know what it will cost.

When you are ready to learn EVERYTHING you need
to know about the Information Marketing Business,
hold on to your heart and click the below link.
If you dare...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Recession Forces People To Count On Themselves: Create & Sell Your Own Product!

Make Money By Creating Your Own Product!

It's bad. It will take a very long time to see
things improve. Good thing the human spirit
is resilient. We know how to get back up even
after the toughest of blows.

Many shell-shocked men and women have
been racking their brains in these last months.
Trying to find ways to tighten their belts. Even
more. How tight can they possibly get?

Others are trying to find ways to bring in
extra money. The "just in case" money. To go
along with their income from the job. Which
they pray they'll be able to keep.

Business owners have always said that the
surest way to make money is with your own
product or service.

One of the fastest ways to create your own
product is by writing an eBook. Don't let
that scare you off. It's easier than it sounds.

You'll want to write an eBook that gives
information to consumers that they're willing
to pay you for.

There are two ways to do this:
*Using your own knowledge about a subject.
*Researching a subject that you don't know about

"How-to" information has created empires for
many entrepreneurs throughout history. It's
so much easier today with our technology.
An eBook just has to be downloaded to your
customer. No worrying about shipping and

To obtain a guide to teaching you how to create
your own product in the fastest time, take a
look at this site.

Make Money By Creating Your Own Product!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How To Turn Your eBooks Into Physical Books

Have you written an eBook? Would you like to
turn it into a "real" physical book?

Well, you should think about it. Here are some
advantages of converting your eBooks to books.

# You Gain More Credibility.

Yes, as a book author you instantly gain more
credibility as you are seen as an expert.

# You Get More Exposure.

Your book can be seen on the world's leading
online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
This gives your name and therefore your business
more exposure.

# You Have Another Product To Sell On eBay.

With the current eBay rules you cannot sell an
eBook as a digitally delivered item. However,
if you convert your eBook to a book you instantly
have another product to sell on eBay.

# You Have Another Way To Generate Traffic.

You can still add links to your existing products
in your book, just as you would with an eBook.

# You Have Another Way To Generate Affiliate Income.

Yes, you can still generate affiliate income
from your book and I will show you exactly how
to do it.

# You Have Another Autopilot Business.

If you choose not to sell on eBay and from your
website you can still sell from websites such as
Amazon and the whole process is 100% automated.

I'm guessing you may be thinking that the book
process is hard work. Well once you
see what John Thornhill has created you will think

John has created a video series showing you how
you can turn an eBook you have rights to into a
book in under an hour.

But the real beauty is John figured a way to sell
via online bookstores such as Amazon. And John
doesn't have to lift a finger because when a book
is sold they are printed and distributed automatically.
In fact all John has to do is spend the money he
earns from the book sales.

Just visit the link below to find out more.

Click Here!

Friday, November 7, 2008

How To Create Your Own Product & Sell It Online

How To Create Your Own Product And Sell It Online!

If you've often joked about inventing something
and making a fortune, maybe it's not such a
far-fetched idea.

You can invent your own product and make
money by promoting it to online consumers.
Will you make a fortune? That's up to you.
Many do.

By using online marketing, you are reaching
a global marketplace. Before you say, "I don't
have a clue how to go about it!", you just need
to get hold of a sure-fire guide.

One that will show you how to create your
product and sell it online. It will be yours
exclusively. One of a kind. Not like a gazillion
cookie cutters out there.

Business people always tell us that we need to
have our own product in order to make real

Start now to make 2009 a better year. You can
create your own bail out plan, even in this faltering

How To Create Your Own Product And Sell It Online!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Writing Articles Is Free Advertising To Promote Your eBook

Article writing is a sure-fire way to promote
your eBook.

If you don't have a lot to spend on advertising,
writing articles and submitting to online article
directories is the best thing to happen to any
internet marketer. IT'S FREE!!

Besides, when you know how to write articles
and get them out there in cyberspace, they
just keep on working. For years. I know this
for a fact. One of mine I'd written 2 years
ago was picked up by a webmaster and I
made a sale.

I always like to get my hands on anything
about writing articles. Tonight when I checked
my email, I had a very wonderful surprise.

I heard about Article Cash Robots. He had me
at "article". This was something I had to buy.
Imagine my shock when I saw the price.


Before you go and think what I not
let the low price fool you. I've seen products
for much higher with not as much solid
information. Davion delivers.

See if this grabs you like it did me!
Click on the graphic at the right...
"Article Cash Robots"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How To Write An eBook & Cash In As Quickly & Easily As Possible!

eBook NOW!

How To Make It, Sell It and Cash In!

Make it, Sell it, Cash in as Quickly and Easily as Possible.

This is an ultra guide for Making & Selling Your Own Product.
This is the best available resource for writing an eBook
(no writing skills necessary), creating a sales page
(no tech skills necessary), and selling your eBook
(no marketing skills necessary)...

All in as little as three days! Everything you need to do
is clearly explained and demonstrated, and the best
alternative methods are also offered if you want to
try quicker or cheaper ways. (and who doesn't want to
know about that?)

You'll learn about the best available online companies
and resources that will get you making money online
right away.

And of course, it's Guaranteed!

If you are ready to take control of your financial
destiny, creating your own product is the #1 way
to achieve your dreams. Through internet marketing.
With your own home based business!

How To Make It, Sell It and Cash In!

Monday, October 13, 2008

eBook Writing: What Should I Write About?

How To Write An eBook & Start An Internet Marketing Business!

The safest bet in choosing a topic for your first
eBook is to go with an "evergreen" niche. No,
we're not talking trees. "Evergreen" just means
a subject that will always be around.

Sure, you can write about a trend but it will have
a short shelf or cyber life. Writing about an "evergreen"
topic will serve you better. And it will continue to sell
for years!

Subjects that will always be in demand until the
end of time are:

*love and relationships/how to have a better one!
*raising children/parenting
*home improvement
*divorce/how to cope with one!
*ways to make money and save money/investing
*losing weight/fitness
*crafts and hobbies
*tips on finding a job faster
*health-related problems

I'm sure you can add many more evergreen niches.
As long as the planet is populated with people, we
will always want to learn how-to!

How to make money, look better, lose weight, be
happier, younger, sexier, etc....

Write an eBook giving information to help the
consumer and you'll have a viable internet marketing
business on your hands!

How To Write An eBook & Start An Internet Marketing Business!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make Money Online By Writing & Selling eBooks

How To Write An eBook And Sell It Online!

I know what you're thinking..."I can't write an

Yes, you can. You have knowledge that other
people will pay you for. So you can write a
How-To and help other people. Every subject
imaginable can be an eBook.

Say, if you're interested in losing weight. Did
you buy just ONE book about weight loss? No.

If your passion is golf, would you look at only
ONE golf book?

Go to your nearest bookstore. Is there only
ONE book on each subject on the shelves?
Pretty sad bookstore if that's the case.

We want to hear everyone's take on a certain
subject. One book will resonate with us more
than another. We get the "a-ha!" moment.

If your a stay-at-home-parent, I'll promise
you that you have learned some tricks about
parenting that first-time parents would pay
to know.

Maybe you're retired and have unique ways
to add to your retirement savings. Given the
state of the economy, do you have an idea
how fast that one would sell?

The subjects are endless. Hobbies, health issues,
dating and relationships, gardening, languages,
job hunting, home improvement, on and
on and on...

Is your imagination starting to tickle now?
Wouldn't you like to be writing, publishing
and selling your very own eBooks?
To have your own home based internet
marketing business?

With the economy in the toilet and about to be
flushed, everyone can use another source of
income, right?

How To Write An eBook And Sell It Online!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

eBook Now! Make It, Sell It, Cash In!

How To Make It, Sell It & Cash In!

People are scrambling from Wall Street to
Main Street. It's no news to you that we are
in financial dire straits.

This is the kind of time when people of all
ages realize they have to watch their backs.
They turn to finding ways to supplement
their incomes.

Thanks to technology, the internet offers a
viable way to do just that. By making money

One of the best ways is to create your own
product. A digital product. You don't even have
to worry about all the traditional headaches of
doing business.

A digital marketplace like ClickBank for example
can take care of all of that for you. And there will
be affiliate marketers ready to promote your
product for you!

First, you'll want to have the inside edge. Here's
something worthwhile to check out...

How To Make It, Sell It & Cash In!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Writing eBooks ASAP!

Step-By-Step-Guide To Creating Your eBook!

We all know 2 things:

1. The economy is failing and we're becoming frantic.

2. We need to build on our financial resources.

Simply put, we have to watch our own backs. That's
why you may be considering trying to make money
online by starting an internet marketing business.

Everyone in this industry agrees on one thing. To
be truly successful, you need to have your own product.

The quickest and most profitable way is by writing
an eBook. But, this can seem impossible if it's your
first time writing.

You have to know what niche to focus on. You need to
learn how to market your eBook. To get it in front of
the consumers who would value from its contents.

There are several good guides on how to write an
eBook available. At different prices. Given the state
of our economy, we aren't as quick to pay the big
bucks. Yet, we need to get started on another income

Today I found something of value that won't cost an
arm and a leg. I was actually shocked because I was
expecting to pay far more.

Mastering The Net eBook Now! is worth taking the
time to check out. It could be just what you need to
start on the road to financial freedom. At a price
you can afford!

Take Charge Of Your Financial Future!

Monday, September 15, 2008

How To Solve Your eBook Problems

Write Your eBook

If you're struggling to get your eBook written
and ready to market online, go to the pros for

Pros like Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan.
Most people online have heard of Joe Vitale.
It would take an hour to explore his resume

I follow him like a hawk.

Joe is a mentor to Pat O'Bryan. A great one
obviously by the success Pat has enjoyed.

Now you can listen to these two famous
eBook writers and marketers show you the
way to eBook writing success...

Write Your eBook

Monday, June 30, 2008

Secrets of Starting Your Information Publishing Business On a Shoestring

Writing, publishing and marketing eBooks...
Your own eBook publishing empire. Jeeze, I've
always loved the sound of that.

Haven't you?

But we all need guidance. From the ones who've
accomplished their goals, hopefully. The eBook
writers who have learned the hard way and will
share with the rest of us how it's done.

Discover The Secrets Of Starting A Million Dollar Information Business On A Shoestring From Actual Experts That Have Done It!

Can you think of any better way to live your life? To
have your dreams come true?

Information marketing can suit everyone. From any
walk of life.

* the person who loves to write
* the stay at home parent
* retirees
* students
* disabled persons
* people fed up with the rat-race
* anyone who needs to supplement present income
* affiliate marketers who want their own product
* simply anyone

If this is your dream, check out the link below...

Discover The Secrets Of Starting A Million Dollar Information Business On A Shoestring From Actual Experts That Have Done It!

Monday, June 23, 2008

How To Become An eBook Publisher...Instantly!

For immediate answers to that headline...

Click Here!

Are you working on your eBook? It
doesn't happen overnight, does it?

Maybe there are times you think you'll
never have your very own eBook finished
and ready to sell online.

Don't quit! You will be able to build your
very own eBook publishing empire. Just
stick with it!

"But I need to make money now!" I hear
you. With no money coming in, it does
become easier to quit your dream.

There is a way to become an eBook publisher.
In no time flat.

With an eBook Business In A Box! What's

Click Here!

How about having TEN income streams ready
to float your boat?

This could be the answer to keeping you
motivated to get your own product to market.

Earning money as you go. This guy makes it
all possible. In fact, I want to be him when I
grow up! Talk about anyone earning "guru"

Check out your future business, eBook writer!
Find out how to become an eBook Money Machine!

Click Here!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Writing eBooks: Without Writing? WTF?

Ok, I have to tell you about this latest book by
Dan Lok. If you have any desire to write eBooks
and sell your eBooks online, you HAVE to check
out his latest creation!

I buy all the information that helps me to be
an eBook writer. I then pass my recommendations
on to future eBook writers. Or internet marketing
business owners.

So you have to check this one out!

Monday, May 12, 2008

How To Write A Book & Get It Published Without Too Much Pain

If there a book inside of you? Has it been in your blood
for as far back as you can remember? But you just don't
have the confidence or the know-how to go about getting
it written and published?

You just need a little guidance and you will be able to
succeed. I always believe that if we have a strong desire
to do something, it would not be seeded in our souls without
the ability to accomplish whatever that dream happens to be.

I'd like to introduce you to "Awaken The Writer Within".
This knowledge will work for you whether you want a
printed copy in the bookstores or you want to sell online
as an eBook.

For people of all ages. If you want to hone your writing
craft and learn how to become a published writer, check
out "Awaken The Writer Within".

You can't go wrong. Not when you live your dream...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Author & Grow Rich!

Click Here!

Glenn Dietzel. Remember that name!
A former educator who now coaches the
top names in business.

If Joel Comm hired Glenn Dietzel to
coach him, that's good enough for me!

You know how quickly time goes by.
You can't spend forever getting your book

When you see what Glenn Dietzel can
do for you, you'll be as impressed as I am.

You can even get started with Glenn for
$17. That's the cost of Author & Grow Rich!

Check it out for yourself. Right now. 'Cause there's
no time like NOW!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Information Entrepreneurs Build Empires

Yes, it does happen. You've read about them.
Some are quite famous. Others work quietly
under the radar, amassing their fortunes.

Knowledge is power. In more ways than one.

If you have it and sell it, you've got the power.
If you need to know something and obtain the
knowledge, you've got the power.

Totally win-win.

Selling information and knowledge is a money-
maker. Today it's easier than ever before because
of the internet. Downloading digital eBooks is a
writer's utopia.

The information entrepreneurs have it made.
They get to work from home, doing something
they love and make a living! Some get wealthy!

Is it easy? Hell, no! Nothing worthwhile is easy.
It takes work. It won't happen watching TV or
playing computer games.

So if you have an idea for an eBook but just
don't know what to do and in what order to
do it, I have the teacher for you.

She used to be a ghostwriter for many of the
famous "gurus" so she knows what she's talking

This is one incredible guide that takes you from
idea to finished product ready to go to market.
When I first received mine, I was shocked with
the amount of truly, valuable information on
Building An eBook Empire.

Tiffany Dow leaves nothing out. If you want to
put in the work, the step-by-step system of
Tiffany's is all you need to take you the distance!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What's Stopping You From Writing eBooks?

How to write eBooks...
eBook writing...
Writing, publishing and selling eBooks...

If you're anything like me, just seeing those
words anywhere, makes you sit up and pay
attention, right?

For me, it seems to have been since I was
a child. Of course, back then it wasn't "eBooks".
But anything to do with "writing" and I became
glued to the information.

Now it is so much easier, thanks to the internet.
You can write, publish and sell eBooks like
never before. So what's stopping you???

Let me take a guess. Do these thoughts go
through your head?:

"What do I know?"
"Who would want to hear anything I had to say?"
"It's all been said before!"
"Jeeze Louise, I could never write. It's just a dream!"

Think again. You do know stuff. Plenty of people
would like to know what you know. And this is
my favorite...

If you are interested in a topic, have you only read
ONE BOOK on the subject? NO! Why?

Because every writer speaks in a different tone. Take
writing for example. Did I stop at just one book from
the Writer's Digest catalogue? No way. I learned
something from all of them.

Whatever my passion, I want to read everything I
can get my hands on. When something resonates
with me and I get that "A-HA" moment of clarity,
man, there's just no feeling like it!

You can do the same. Choose your topic. Write it
your way and be happy!

If you need guidance to go from start to finish with
your eBook writing and publishing, I want to introduce
you to the person I've learned from. And there
are many "A-HA" moments in Tiffany Dow's incredible
book called...Building An eBook Empire.

It has everything you need to know to take you step-
by-step through the whole process of building YOUR
eBook empire. If you want to read a chapter-by-chapter
review I did when I first got my copy, go back to May
posts of last year. This is truly a classic!

The reason Tiffany Dow knows what she's talking about
and can teach you to do the same as her, is that she, in
fact, was a ghostwriter to the internet marketing "gurus".

The names you know. The ones who made fortunes with
their eBooks. That's right. It was Tiffany who wrote them!
And by being in their circle, she got to see how to market
eBooks like the winners do. And she teaches you. Everything
you need to know.

When I bought my Building An eBook Empire, I paid $47.
That's ok. It's worth that and so much more. However,
Tiffany decided to reduce the price so it was more affordable
to more eBook writers. Can you believe you can now get it
for $ 27 !!! Lucky you! (yeah, I'm a little jealous)

So back to my original question...
"What's stopping you from writing eBooks?"

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Writing and Procrastination

You know you want to write. You believe you have
something that others would like to read. It may be
to entertain them with fiction.

It may be a how-to book to help them solve a problem.

And if you're like a lot of us, your head is exploding.
With ideas. This is good news. And bad news.

It's good news that you have so many ideas you
feel like you could be writing forever and still never
run out.

The bad news don't know where to start.
This is the worst thing a would-be writer can be
going through.

Years can pass while you think about your first
subject. Believe me, I know. You watch the world
pass you by while you're still trying to figure it all

We all have to start somewhere. No, the first book,
eBook, novel, short story or whatever does not have
to be perfect.

That's what leads to the procrastination devil. We
have to lighten up in order to start up.

Have you noticed that people who do not seem to
have as much on the ball as you, become more
successful? Why is that?

While we were pulling our hair out and making
ourselves sick with doubt and worry, those other
naive souls simply DID IT!

Maybe they didn't know enough to paralyze
themselves with anxiety. Maybe they didn't worry
about failure. No, they just decided writing was
something they wanted to do and they sat down
and did it.

Then they sold their work. Became successful.
While we look at them and think how unfair the
world really is.

I've seen it happen. You've seen it happen time
and again. These souls had confidence. They knew
their writing didn't have to be the absolute best on
the planet. But it was their thoughts and knowledge
spoken from the heart.

Are we going to continue on with thinking about it.
Lamenting and fretting and getting nowhere?
Or are we going to take a page from their book
and begin. With the first page. Then move on to
the second. It will be finished.

Then you too, can look for a publisher. Or you may
decide to self-publish.

You may have written a how-to book and decide to
sell it online. As a digital download. As you know,
this is one of the most lucrative writing endeavors!

You have your own unique voice. Nobody else has
your take on things or experiences life in the same
way you do.

Whatever type of writing you are burning to do,
there is all kinds of help out there for you to get your
hands on.

However, don't fall into the trap of buying up every
book on writing ever published. I did that. Spent
so much time studying and learning, that became my
job. I would keep saying, "I don't know enough yet. I'll
just buy this one more book and then I'll be ready!"

When we take that approach, we will never be ready.
For anything in life. Especially writing!

We have to work through it and begin. It will become
easier. The hardest part is just beginning to do it.
Then it moves along with grace.

So, have confidence. You do have something to say.
Take a soulful breath and begin.

Wishing you the luck to reach your dreams....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Awaken The Writer Within: Now You CAN Be A Writer

Have you always had that burning desire to
write? To be a writer? Were you the one who
secretly rejoiced when your teacher gave
writing assignments while everyone else groaned?

Have you bought every book on writing you could
get your hands on? Do you have a shelf of books
from Writer's Digest like I have?

Are you a published writer? Or are you still

You have writers who you follow with a passion.
Waiting for their next book to be released.

On your list of favorite and beloved writers,
is the name Jim McMullen there?


Well, Jim's one of those guys who became a
quiet success. He wrote a NY Times Best Seller
that sparked a revolution.

As a matter of fact, Jim is even credited with
saving the near-extinct Florida Panther...and
helping to make it the State Animal of Florida.
(now that's impressive)

So, even though he flies under the radar, he's
definitely someone who knows what he's talking
about...and someone worth listening to.

Jim took his life's passion and turned it into
a smash hit. The NY Times even did an editorial
review of his think-piece "Cry Of The Panther".

But what does that mean to you, anyway? Well,
if you've ever dreamed of writing your own
book, living the lifestyle of an author, then
you need to pay attention here.

After living the retired life deep in the
swamps of the Everglades, Jim has been coaxed
out again.

He put together what some are calling the,
"Simplest way for anyone to write, finish,
and publish your own book."

Jim focuses on helping you take that idea
you have and turn it into a book. And you
know what that means, right?

As a Published Author you'll get paid every time
someone buys your book. You will literally earn
money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..even while
you sleep.

You can get all the details right now by
visiting this link right now:

Never before has turning your passion into
profit been this close to you.

So whether you want to write eBooks, fiction,
non-fiction or just to be a better writer to
help you in your career and all through life,
have a look at what Jim can teach you.

Jim is also giving away the first few chapters
of his book FREE.

You can get it right now by clicking here:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Easiest Home Based Business

If writing, publishing and selling eBooks online
appeals to you, there are several guides which
I'm proud to recommend.

This how-to books really show you exactly
HOW-TO do what they say. No hype. Just
solid information that will help you get your
home based business of being an info-product
entrepreneur off the ground.

Below is one of the best guides. It's written by
someone just like you. No guru. A real person.
Her article is reprinted here with her permission.

Easy And Lucrative Home-Based Business
by Melanie Mendelson

Writing and selling "how-to" e-books is a very popular
Internet business model, and rightfully so. Here are
the top 10 reasons why you should consider getting into
this business:

1. Work From Home

You can sell your e-book on the Internet, so all you need
is your computer with Internet access. You don't need to
have an office - you can do everything from home in your
spare time.

2. Set Your Own Hours

You can spend as much time as you want on this business.
You can take it slowly and spend only a couple of hours
per day writing and promoting your e-book.

Or you can do it full-time, creating and selling multiple
e-books and building a huge Internet empire. You set your
own hours and nobody tells you how much to work. The
choice is yours.

3. Huge Profit Margins

E-books are delivered electronically - customers download
them to their computer once you receive their payment.
There is no shipping or printing cost, which means that the
profit is 100% yours.

4. Automated Income

Once your website, payment processing and e-book
downloading are set up, your business can run with almost
no intervention from you.

The only thing you need to do is drive traffic to your website.
Once people start visiting your site, some of them will decide
to buy your e-book. Since everything is electronic and
automated, sales will happen at any time - even while you sleep.

5. No Inventory Hassles

You don't need to stock any products or deal with boxes,
packaging and shipping - and no trips to the post office!

6. Very Low Startup Cost

To write an e-book, the main cost is your time. However,
with proper guidance and speedwriting techniques, you can
create a saleable e-book in less than 1 week.

Since e-books are electronic, there is no printing cost.
Other costs are webhosting (under $20/month), creating a
simple website (can be under $100) and payment processing
(free setup). This makes it one of the cheapest businesses to start.

7. Ease Of Entry

Anyone can write an e-book. You don't have to deal with
any publishers or agents, and don't need to depend on
anyone but yourself. No approval processes, bureaucracy
or red tape.

8. Full Control Of The Product

If you are in a business of reselling other people's products,
you don't have any control over those products. You are
basically putting the livelihood of your business into other
people's hands.

Having your own product (in this case, an e-book) gives
you complete control over the product itself, pricing and

9. No Face-To-Face Selling

People will decide to buy your e-book based on the information
you provide on your website. If you are the kind of person who
hates direct sales, face-to-face contact and talking on the phone,
this is a perfect business for you. Everything is done through
the computer, so you don't have to talk to or see anyone.

10. Positioning Yourself As An Expert

Being an author carries a lot of clout. It doesn't matter how long
your e-book is - most people are impressed by the mere fact
that you've written something. Having your own e-book will help
you get established as an expert in your field and gain credibility.

About The Author:
Melanie Mendelson is a stay-at-home mom who makes a
full-time living on the Internet!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Writing eBooks: Thinking Outside The Box

Don’t Stifle Your Cash-Pulling Creativity

Most marketers don’t realize that they’re selling
themselves short when it comes to profitable idea
generation. Most of us go by the rules – seeking
out and the following a proven formula for success.

It’s easy because we read what someone else has
said works, implement a cookie-cutter approach,
and start to see some results. Even if they’re small
results, we’re elated because at least it’s something.

Tiffany Dow teaches, in her new eBook,
that you have to veer off the beaten path from time
to time and give yourself the opportunity to shine in
the spotlight.

Unless you create a breakout product or develop an
innovative idea, you’ll always be trailing the top
money-producers on the ‘net.

If you really want to see the amount of money that
you’re making explode, then you’re going to have to
think outside the box.

Only then will you be able to set yourself apart from
your competition in the eyes of your target audience
and position yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

You may be able to find that there’s a void that needs
filling that your competitors haven’t yet discovered.
Whatever it is that your customers are searching for,
but are unable to find online, this is where you want
to make gains off of the other guys’ shortcomings.

Not following the leader will help you advance in the
money game. Be willing to be the first to do something,
whether it’s a new traffic strategy you’re teaching,
or new customer service technique, or a creative
product idea that has everyone buzzing about it.

There are so many different ways to figure out what
needs still aren’t being met. You can post a survey or
questionnaire on your website asking people what they
would like to see developed.

You could also ask questions of people on forums or
spend some time watching TV or looking through
magazines to see what the average consumer is
interested in.

Once you find your answer, you need to develop the
product that will fill this need. You can even create
your own niche for a product that already exists.
For instance, people created clothes and display cases
for Ty Beanie Babies and made a lot of money off of that.

You could even recreate an older product by looking
at books that are now in public domain. These books
could be spruced up for you to sell.

Your other option is to improve upon an existing
product that’s already successful. You would be
fixing the weaknesses in a product by making yours,
which is better than what already exists.

Be willing to eke out your own place as a leader in the
marketplace, and don’t fall in line and conform with
what’s considered the “norm.”

Being different, in the case of online sales, can make
you rich. Pick up a copy of Building an eBook Empire today at

Monday, March 10, 2008

eBook Writing For Newbies

eBook Writer! That's what you want to be.
So how do you start? First, take a deep, calming
breath. And believe...

You don't have to be a professional writer in order
to write an eBook. You just need enough information
about a topic to make it valuable to consumers.

Your future customers have a problem. They want
a solution. You can provide them with their answer.

As you write, you'll talk to them in a casual,
conversational tone. They don’t want to hear
something that reads like a textbook from their
school days.

They also want it fast – and they scour the ‘net to
find reputable sources they feel comfortable investing in.

When it comes to eBooks, as I learned in you don’t
have to have a lot of expertise in a specific field in
order to write about it.

If you’re willing to take the time to research the topic,
then the sky really is the limit when it comes to deciding
what you want your niche to learn from you.

Of course, today it’s easier than ever before to do
research. All you need are some Internet smarts.
If you know your way around the ‘net, then you
should know how to use Search Engines and article
directories to find information for your eBook that
you can digest and rewrite in your own slant and voice.

Just be careful that you don’t infringe upon any of the
copyrighted material. Everything that you write will
have to come from you.

You can’t copy something that someone else has
written into your eBook and then sell it. This will more
than likely cause you to become involved in a nasty
lawsuit, which is something you don’t need.

For me, the idea of someone copying someone's work
and putting their name on it, sickens me. I once found
an article I had written on a forum and in an article
directory...with someone else claiming it as his own!
It still upsets me. I believe in Karma. Don't mess
with it!

Creating an eBook to sell online can be a lucrative
endeavor for your Internet business. You can make
some serious money as an information publisher.

The next time you have a great idea that you would
like to write an eBook about, go ahead and give it a shot.

You’ll discover that this eBook is something that your
website’s visitors will purchase. This is because you
know what they’re looking for and you can create your
very own product with their needs and desires in mind.

Plus, after you’ve finished your eBook and have it ready
to sell, you’ll feel a great deal of accomplishment and pride.

Affiliates will flock to represent your information product,
too, if it’s chock full of value.

I can't think of anyone more capable of teaching you how
to write eBooks than Tiffany Dow. As ghostwriter to internet
marketing superstars, she saw behind closed doors and
now can show you how to write, publish and sell eBooks.

Pick up a copy today and start your own eBook empire!

P. S. This is a steal at $27!!! It is
sold elsewhere for $47. Honestly, it's worth a whole lot more.
This is a step-by-step guide. Follow what Tiffany teaches and
you'll have your eBook written in no time!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Writing and Selling Information: Now There's Just No Stopping You!

For more years than I care to admit, I purchased
books on writing. From Writer's Digest, local
bookstores, you name it. Since I work in a library,
you just know I've had my hands on every one in the

I learn something from every one of them.

Then there is Tiffany Dow. When I purchased her
eBook, I figured I'd learn a few things I didn't know
before. Sometimes different writers resonate with
you. This book left me gobsmacked.

Listen, I have to tell you. If you truly want to write
and market your own information
, there is
nobody I can recommend more highly than Tiffany Dow!

I was floored! Never has a book given me such
confidence. All you have to do is follow what she says.
No kidding. It's a take-you-by-the-hand, step-by-step
. She leaves nothing out.

From point A of the first inkling of an idea - to point
Z of having your finished product on the market ready
for the public.

Now if you want to know more about the chapters, you
can go back to my older posts. The very first ones.
I review all the chapters so you get to see what
Tiffany covers. Have mercy!

Then if that's not all...for an added bonus you'll get her
book, How To Write A Great Product When You're
Not A Professional Writer!

Now I've paid all price ranges in the past so when I tell
you Tiffany is only charging $27 for this treasure, well,
I think she's cheating herself. But hey, guess we shouldn't
argue. And believe me, at $27, it is a steal.

Tiffany Dow knows what she's talking about because she's
walked the walk. She was ghostwriter to many of the
internet marketing gurus. Yes, the ones who put their own
name on their eBooks. Written by Tiffany!

The one good thing to benefit Tiffany by doing this and now
benefits all eBook writers is that she had the behind-the-
scenes look at how these internet marketing superstars
managed their eBook operations. She learned exactly what
they did to be successful. And she spills their methods to you!

Building An eBook Empire! is the bible on eBook writing!

I can't stress strongly enough how I feel about this eBook.
Except, I wish I had written it.

All eBook writers who want to build a substantial home
based business
by writing and selling information
MUST have this on their desk. Click below...

PS....Shhh...there are other places on the web where
this sells for $47. But here it's a measly $27!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

eBook Writing: Why Is It So Hard To Get Started?

eBook writing. even dream about it.
It's on your mind as you go about your day.
"Someday I WILL write an eBook!"

So what's holding you back? Hmmmm....

Fear? Of success? Failure? Getting half-way
through and deciding it's a stupid idea, anyway?

Then we see online or in a bookstore the EXACT
same idea we had. Not so stupid after all.

We've got to forgive ourselves and be a little
kinder to the face in the mirror. Would you speak
to a friend the way you talk to yourself?

Just remember, whatever we do in life, the first
time is the hardest. It may be absolutely painful. But,
when you force yourself and work through the
fear, it will get better. Promise!

It's like the title of the great book, "Feel the Fear
and Do It Anyway!" Go to the bookstore or
library and get yourself a copy. You won't be sorry.

Whether it's writing eBooks or going for a job
interview, that book will become your greatest ally.
Once the "thing" that scares the bejeebers out of
you is done and you let loose with an earth-shattering
sigh, you WILL laugh, "Well, that wasn't so bad!"

I know, I know. It's getting the FIRST one over with.

When it comes to writing, publishing and marketing
your eBooks online, there is one person who can be
your new best friend. Really.

His name is Marlon Sanders and he's created a
"dashboard" especially for the purpose of eBook writing.
He has designed a true "point and click" method for
getting that eBook out of you.

I haven't found help with writing eBooks that comes
any easier than his Info-Product Dashboard. And, I've

If you're ready to write your eBook but find it hard
to get started, check out his Info-Product Dashboard

Now I'm going to go and take some of my own advice!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marketing eBooks With Hub Pages

There once were three guys from Microsoft who
got together and created Hub Pages. They did good!

Using hub pages will be an excellent way to market
your eBook...Why?

Because, Hub Pages carry a Page Rank of 6!
56,000 links coming in from Yahoo!

And, the thing that made me a believer?
GOOGLE loves Hub Pages! Do we need to say more?

Check out this guide of insider tips, tricks and secrets.
The price shown is $9.97! However, if you click through
to the order page, you'll be in for an even nicer surprise!

When doing any kind of internet marketing, there is
nothing better than traffic. Hub Pages give you FREE
and TARGETED traffic.

Check it out at...

Remember, Google loves it!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Writing Booklets & Reports

What's the difference between an eBook and
an eBooklet/report?

Damned if I know! I've seen 30 page BOOKS.
And, I've seen 65 page REPORTS.

Guess it all depends on the writer and what
they choose to call their info-product. I've
seen more solid, usable information put into
20 pages than 100 pages. Again, it depends
on the writer.

There are writers who put in a lot of filler.
As you're reading a terrible feeling comes
over you. "Get to what I want to know!"

Whatever format you, as a writer, choose to
call your info-product, one thing you have to
do...Give Your Reader What They Want!

If your customer buys your book about how
to play an improved game of golf, then that's
what you'd better deliver. 'Cause it's all about
the customer!

Helping them to improve something or lessen
their pain. Or motivate and inspire. You do
not want your reader to feel as if they've
wasted their time or their hard-earned money.

You won't go wrong if you put the reader first.

This is why I can recommend these two products.
Both will help you with your info-product creation.

One is by Stuart Stirling, called Instant Cash Payouts.
He provides solid information to take you by the
hand to reach your goal. Don't let the price fool you.
When you see it, you'll think, "What will I get for
practically nothing?" You WILL be surprised.

A different product is by Marlon Sanders. He's
created a "dashboard" in which you simply
"point & click" your way to your info-product!
And, surprise...He just so happens to call his new
creation, "Info-Product Dashboard"!!!

You really have to go to Marlon's site in order
to understand what it's all about. You wouldn't
believe me if I told you, I'm sure.

You can create your own exclusive product and
begin your own Information Empire in 2008!

Happy Writing!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year To eBook Writers!

I just want to wish all of you a very
Happy New Year! If you have found
your way here via an article of mine
somewhere "out there", welcome!

(If you're here to read stuff about
writing, publishing and selling eBooks,
just scroll down the page.)

I wish for you that 2008 will see your
dreams come true. Forget the past and
all the times you said you couldn't do
something. You're wiser now and this
is YOUR year.

Do what you feel in your heart. Shut
out the "noise" that keeps you from
living your dreams. Seek contentment
and peace. It can be yours.

Laugh more and love more. This will
give you the strength to cope with the

Again, Happy New Year!