Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Writing eBooks: Create Your Info-Product In The Easiest Way

Writing your first eBook can be a daunting
task. We tend to look at the big picture right
at the beginning. Then we panic. We over-
analyze until we're paralyzed. And then we do

So the thing to do is take a deep breath and
think of thumbnail size pictures. The old
cliches are true. "One step at a time". "How
do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."
Get the picture?

For many successful eBook writers and
publishers, they started out on a small scale.
By producing reports. Yes, reports make
money. They did in the days of mail-order
and they especially do today, online.

You still have your own exclusive product.
Since we know that's the only way to become
truly successful, go for it.

A report is not as long as an eBook. You can
take articles if you've been writing them and
put them together in a report.

If you have no articles, just think in those
terms. Saying you only need to write an
article seems less intimidating than thinking
of an eBook.

One way to make the process as simple and
as painless as it can be is to use something
called the Info-Product Dashboard by Marlon
Sanders. He practically all but writes your
eBook for you.

It's hard to explain the system. You really
have to take a look at the official site to see
how it works.

Almost like paint-by-numbers. Instead,
you'll be clicking. But, you will have your
own exclusive info-product to sell online.

Hope you all had a very Happy Christmas!