Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Make Money Online With Writing! Start Your New Year With Hope & A Mentor!

OK, you may think I go on a lot about Tiffany Dow. The reason is this: I wish I had created 2 of the products that she did! Those would be..."Building An eBook Empire" and "Ghostwriting Cash".

If making money online is in your dreams, you've probably heard you should have your own product at some point. Well, to get your own product, the only assistance you'll need is "Building An eBook Empire".

All you have to do is follow exactly what Tiffany tells you to do and you'll have your very own product to sell online. And make money! If you have the time, you can scroll through my first posts in this blog  and you'll get to see a chapter by chapter breakdown of what you receive in this incredible book.

You'll go from getting the idea, writing and then marketing your product. You can even put it on ClickBank and get other marketers talking about it.

Tiffany's latest creation is "Ghostwriting Cash". This is for those of you who want to make money online with writing content for others and getting paid what you should be paid. This is a great way to make money while working on your own product.

Or you may decide to keep being a ghostwriter because you love the job and the money. Either way, paying the bills is what it's all about. The reason nobody else could have written this guide better than Tiffany Dow is that she, herself, was known as "The Ghostwriter To The Gurus". She can tell you everything you need to know to function as a top-paying ghostwriter.

So start the New Year off right. If making money online is in your future, Tiffany Dow can show you the way. And the money!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make Money Online: Ghostwriting Cash Could Be The Answer You're Looking For

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If you haven't heard of Tiffany Dow yet, she's an internet marketer you will be hearing of. Mention her name in online marketing circles and the first word out of mouths will be "She's honest!" And how. Sometimes her honesty has been hard to hear. That's if you are an unethical internet marketer.

Tiffany Dow tells it like it is. If you're trying to rip people off, she'll call you on it. No holds barred. That's why people look to her for advice. If they are thinking of buying a "make money online" product, they check on what Tiffany has to say about it.

Now Tiffany has written a guide called "Ghostwriting Cash". It's how she started out online. And she went on to be known as "the ghostwriter to the gurus". She knows her stuff. And she can teach you.

If you need a way to earn money while you're trying to make money online doing affiliate marketing or trying to produce your own product or service, etc....Ghostwriting Cash can help you pay the bills. You may decide you like the money you earn from ghostwriting and keep at it.

This is especially beneficial to struggling writers who want and need to earn money while working on other projects.

So what will you be getting in Tiffany's eBook?

** You'll be clued into four additional perks (other than money) that come from ghostwriting for marketers who are already successful! These perks are what can help you set up your OWN residual earnings one day soon.

** You'll learn about the common mistakes that can KILL your online writing business in an instant - and you'll be happy to avoid them because they're tedious anyway.

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** You'll be schooled in what types of content marketers are paying money for - so that when they post projects or ask if you can do it, you can reply with a resounding YES!

** She'll share with you her Achilles Heel - the ONE area where her competition could have rolled right over her and painted her in a bad light - but they never did! Master this, and you'll have a better reputation than she did.

** You'll get guidance on the Big Three elements of your online presence that almost guarantee you'll be hired on a continual basis by the best marketers with deep pockets.

** Tiffany will take you by the hand and show you where the jobs are and how to ensure you're the one that gets hired time and time again while other ghostwriters are sitting there wondering, "How'd they DO that? I underbid them!"

** You'll learn dirty little tricks marketers use against you - so you can fight back and force them to pay you anyway. (She heard one marketer in a seminar telling others how he ripped her off - oops - that put an end to THAT!)

** She will admit to you the one reason she was hired on freelance sites over her competitors - and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the quality of her writing, her experience, OR her ratings.

** You'll learn how she ruined her competitor's chances to win almost every time - without resorting to unethical measures.

** She'll provide four of her real winning bids for you and analyze each one so you can see what won it for her as she breaks it down right in front of you!

** You'll gain insider knowledge on pricing your work strategically - not just setting a per page rate up, but pricing for winning freelance jobs, pricing for special deals that sell out quickly, and pricing to get paid more than you ever have.

** Tiffany will give you a system for managing your projects so that a new customer becomes a repeat customer - and a customer who brings in even more business for you.

** You'll find out how to deal with feedback - the good, the indifferent, and the really bad (hey it happens to the best of us).

** You'll get easy promotional methods you can use to pull in new customers without having to pay for a membership on a freelance site or buy your own domain before you can afford it.

** You'll get to copy 5 of her "Ghostwriter to the Guru" specials that helped her rake in the money whenever she needed it! This is a win-win situation for both you and the customer.

** You'll get a blueprint for breaking the glass ceiling once you reach that spot where you are writing as much as you possibly can in a day and earning as much as you can - you don't want to stop there.

To learn more about Ghostwriting Cash and Tiffany Dow...

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Writers! Isn't It Time You Finally Earned Good Money For Your Writing?

Get Paid To Write, Finally!

If you're struggling to get paid for your writing, it's time for your writing to pay the bills. And it can. But you have to be taught how to do it. Tiffany Dow is known as "The Ghostwriter To The Gurus". She knows all the inside scoop. And she's a natural born teacher.

She teaches you step by step everything you need to know in the ghostwriting business. So while you're working on your novel or non-fiction book, you can be earning money doing what you love anyway!

Ghostwriting Cash has the answers for you. Go take a look and a listen to one of the most honest people working online today!

Make Money At Home By Writing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Make Money At Home: Financial Stability Is Yours When You Learn From The Best Teachers

Make money at home. Nothing has a nicer ring to it, right? If you're looking for a way to make money online, your desperation can be coming to an end.

Tiffany Dow and Craig Desorcy always teach people to find financial stability FIRST. Then build toward financial FREEDOM.

The two of them got together recently during a conversation about scummy gurus ripping people off, and decided to put their experiences down - Tiffany as a top ghostwriter to the gurus, Craig as a mentor
to Tiff and others – and create a program for hardworking, honest people to follow that works!

Financial Stability Can Be Yours!

Almost any "make money fast" course is lying to you. Unless you pay out the nose to a pay per click search engine. Too much money for most of us! It takes a bit of time to build traffic, get good Google rankings, and build a steady income.


You decide to go the route Tiff and Craig teach - because it doesn't rely on Google or PPC. It relies on branding - and most people are scared of that because they don't feel worthy and they don't understand

But they make it easy - turning the tables on marketers so that service providers like ghostwriters have people begging them to get on their list, instead of what usually happens - freelancers begging for work.

But don't take my word for it. Go watch the short video Tiff made or read the explanation about this business model here:

Learn From The Best!

I'm proud to tell you about anything created by Tiffany Dow because she's one of the Good Guys!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get Paid To Write: From Starving Artist To Cash In Your Bank Account!

You're a writer. It's in your blood. Perhaps you are successful. Maybe you're struggling, like so many others. You are a good writer. Now it's time you get paid to write!

Ghostwriting can be the answer to your dreams. This could be what you want to do with your life. Maybe you're working on a novel but it sure would be nice to make money writing while you pursue your dream.

Why not use your talent as a ghostwriter to pay the bills? Of course, as with anything, you want to learn the ropes from an expert. And have I got a ghostwriting expert for you! Her name is Tiffany Dow. And she's one of the "good guys"!

Get Paid To Write!

If you can write at an 8th grade level, you can write content and sell it! Make it anymore complicated than that and you're missing the boat big time. People don't want to read long drawn out articles written to pass a college professor's scrutiny.

Online, people read "get to the point content." A large portion of the most read content online would never make it past my 8th grade grammar teacher - and that's perfectly fine online.

In fact, top marketers scolded me for being too professional when I first started working for them. They told me to dumb it way down, and eventually, I learned how to let go of my writing education completely.

There's a simple formula for selling your ghostwriting services, and once you know it, you'll be shocked at its simplicity.

So if you are serious about getting paid to write, do yourself a favor and get the best writing teacher on your side!

Make Money At Home With Writing!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Make Money At Home: Ghostwriting Cash Has Been Released!

Make Money While You Learn Internet Marketing!

She did it again! Tiffany Dow has created another spellbinding product to help people make money in the comfort of their own home. The reason I'm proud to be associated with this internet marketing wunderkind is simple. She is honest. And today in the internet marketing field, that is something!!

We've been bombarded lately with so many who are up to no good. Well, good for them, maybe. But not us. The shysters just want our money. Then they give us a product that is useless in terms of helping us make money online.

With Ghostwriting Cash and Tiffany Dow, you get the real deal. Supreme information. She truly helps people. That's just the way she is. I've watched as she's turned big money down. Why? Because it went against her true nature. Integrity all the way!

This product is about what Tiffany knows. She used to be a ghostwriter to the biggest "gurus". She knows the business. And she's a natural born teacher.

As a matter of fact, this blog was started years ago because of Tiffany and my love of anything to do with writing and making money online.
 Take a look and listen to what she has to say...

Earn Money At Home!

Friday, November 19, 2010

One-Of-A-Kind Christmas Gift Idea For The Writer On Your List

For The Writer Who Wants To Be Published In One Day!

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is hard at the
best of times. You want to be unique. Do something
nobody else has thought of before. You want your
loved one to feel special!

If you have someone to buy for who happens to be a
writer or an aspiring writer, have I got a suggestion
for you!

You know about the exploding popularity of Kindle,
right? Amazon doesn't just snap their fingers and have
books on Kindle.

They depend on writers. This is where the writer on your
gift list comes in. Nothing is more frustrating for writers
than to wait to hear from editors to see if their work has
been accepted.

So much time can be in limbo just waiting and waiting...
Now in this great age of technology, your writer does not
have to wait anymore.

Results are instant! Well, in the time it takes to upload their
writing unto the Amazon site, that is.

In one day, your writer can see their very own book published
for Kindle and on Amazon for sale! It will blow their minds.
I watched the process from start to finish the other evening on
a webinar and my heart still races to think about it.

After you buy this perfect gift and download it, you can print
it off and wrap it up. Or if you want to be more creative, go
to Kinkos and have a cover made for it.

There isn't a writer in the world you won't benefit from
this amazing manual on becoming published in the shortest
time possible!

The Writer's Perfect Gift!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Become A Published Author: Literally Overnight!

Make Your Dreams Come True!

Last night I was on a webinar about writing books for
Kindle. I thought I had lost my mind. I was up all last
night. No sleep. Too excited!

For anyone wanting to become a writer, you're dreams
have just come true. You don't have to wait for an agent
to give you the time of day. You can take matters into your
own hands.

You don't have to wait YEARS to see all your hard work
finally materialize. OMG, this is almost instant!

You can now be a published author. Literally overnight!
I almost peed myself last night. Excitement reigns! Life is

If you want to see how easy it can be to become an honest-
to-god published writer, have a look at this.

It truly is the new way of being a published writer. The old
ways are over...

Becone A Published Author Literally Overnight!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Information Publishers: Tips For Your Sales Page

How To Have An eBook Empire!

One of the chapters in Building An eBook Empire
covers your sales page. So important. Isn't this
what convinces you to buy something. You want
details about the product.

Some subjects covered are:

*how to write sales copy
*how to get testimonials
*what to do about the bonuses
*the importance of the guarantee
*how much to charge

At all times, tell the truth! There is nothing
worse than reading a sales page, ordering
the product and wondering how they both
matched up. Do you give your trust to that
marketer again? I sure don't!

I've even been known to have the product in
my hand and as I'm reading, I'll keep going
back to the sales copy for the eBook. And
everything that's on the sales page that
convinced me to order the eBook, better
darn well be in the eBook!!!

If it's not, all credibility is lost. I
unsubscribe from their newsletters and
ignore anything I see by them in the

This is why I can give you my blessing on
Building An eBook Empire.

It's all in there, folks! I looked!

The Honest Truth About Becoming An eBook Publisher!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

eBook Promotion: In The Beginning Was The Keyword

How To Write And Sell Your Information!

Once you have written your eBook, you want
to offer it to the consumers who want your
information. must focus on Keywords!

In Chapter 2 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany Dow teaches you the importance of

Keywords are the words and/or phrases
that people enter in search engines to find
matching web pages. To get the information
they need and will pay for. Like your eBook!

Nothing starts without the keyword! If your
potential customers can't find you, well--
you know the rest.

You'll want to think like a potential buyer.
What words will they use to look for a product
like yours? What phrases might they use?

You will want to make an extensive list. The top
marketers spend alot of time in keyword
research. It's that important. As well you'll
want to develop the long-tail keywords, which
Tiffany will tell you about.

You will build your keyword list so
people can find your website...and, these
keywords will also be used for advertising,
say, with Google Adwords, if you so choose.

You'll be doing keyword research to find
new ideas for your future eBook creations.

Along with your head, there are several good
keyword search tools available. Many are
free! And some excellent paid tools. It's a
cost well spent.

In Building An eBook Empire, Tiffany
teaches you sound search tips. And even a
way to spy on your competitors! You can see
what keywords they are using to attract the
same buyers you want to visit you!

This book is all you need to write, publish
and sell your own eBooks. It's jam-packed
with valuable information.

Since Tiffany Dow is one of the most honest
internet marketers around, you're in good hands!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Make Money Online Like The Gurus: With Your Own Product

Click Here To Be Like The Gurus!

The gurus have their own digital products
and now so can you. Let's get right to it.
Where to begin...

I believe in starting with the best of everything.
In this case, the best teacher. That would be
Tiffany Dow.

She can lead you every step of the way in
creating your own digital product.  And how
to go to market.

She just so happens to be the most honest
internet marketer online today. I'd like to
be her new best friend.

Honesty gets to me every time.

That's why I have a copy of her one-of-
a-kind blueprint for success...
Building an eBook Empire.

In the first chapter you learn about niche
marketing. You'll be told not only how to
find out what consumers are looking for,
but most importantly...what they will spend
money on!

We are so familiar with the internet marketing
gurus and their huge launches of "how to make
money" products, we forget one valuable point.

Before they became "gurus", they were doing
other things with internet marketing. That's why
they can write about how to make money online.

They won't tell you about their "secret niches".
These are continuous money makers for them.
Flying under the radar and under an alias!

But, Tiffany Dow knows their secrets because
she was the ghostwriter to the gurus! For 6
years, Ms. Dow was learning the tricks of the
trade along side the biggest names in the
field of internet marketing.

She now shares her knowledge with you in
Building An eBook Empire. This is a
truly informative book that will give you the
exact blueprint you need to write and market
your very own eBook.

The Proven Way To Succeed Online!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Information Publishers: Write About "Evergreen" Topics

Click Here To Start Your Publishing Business!

Do you want to become an Information Publisher?

Are you planning to write your own eBooks instead
of hiring a ghostwriter?

Then start with "evergreen" topics and you'll
never fail.

When I say "evergreen", that just means topics
that are viable now and will still be going strong
into the future.

Some examples are:


*child care

*elder care


*relationships (the good, bad and ugly)

*job searching

*home based businesses


*personal development

*pets (we do love 'em)

See what I mean? Things that will always
affect us in some way at some point in our lives.

Go back into the bookstore and have a look
around. Your head will be swimming with ideas.
You have your own unique spin that no other
writer will have. Maybe you've discovered
something that will help others to be healthier,
slimmer, richer, happier or more successful.

Have at it!

Build Your Information Empire!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Make Money Online With Information Products

How To Write And Sell Your Information Products!

Yes, you can write an eBook...

You do not have to be a professional writer in order
to write an eBook. You just need enough information
about a topic to make it valuable to consumers.

These people want you to talk to them in a casual,
conversational tone. They don’t want to hear something
that reads like a textbook from their school days.

They also want it fast – and they scour the ‘net to
find reputable sources they feel comfortable investing in.

When it comes to eBooks, I learned from Tiffany Dow,
you don’t have to have a lot of expertise in a specific
field in order to write about it.

If you’re willing to take the time to research the topic,
then the sky really is the limit when it comes to deciding
what you want your niche to be.

Of course, today it’s easier than ever before to do
research. All you need are some Internet smarts.
If you know your way around the ‘net, then you
should know how to use Search Engines and article
directories to find information for your eBook
that you can digest and rewrite in your own slant
and voice.

You’ll have to be careful that you don’t infringe
upon any of the copyrighted material. Everything
that you write will have to come from you.

You can’t copy something that someone else has
written into your eBook and then sell it. This will
more than likely cause you to become involved in
a nasty lawsuit, which is something you don’t need.

Creating an eBook to sell online can be a lucrative
endeavor for your Internet business. You can make
some serious money as an information publisher.

This is especially true if you take this job on yourself
instead of hiring a ghostwriter to do the work for you.
It’s even truer if you choose a topic that you enjoy so
you can get down to the business of researching and
writing your eBook.

The next time you have a great idea that you would
like to write an eBook about, go ahead and give it a

You’ll discover that this eBook is something that
your website’s visitors will purchase. This is because
you know what they’re looking for and you can
create your very own product with their needs and
desires in mind.

I can't say enough about the information Tiffany offers
in her book. Everything is in there that you'll need to
know from getting ideas right through to marketing and
selling your eBook.

Start Your Own eBook Empire Today!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Calling All Writers: No More Rejection! Make Money With Your Writing!

Writers and would-be writers...

Have you been trying to break into print?
Are you working on your novel? Maybe
you write non-fiction.

Have you received your share of rejection

You look at the bestseller lists and wonder
how these writers managed to pull it off.
Let's face it. There are books being
published that leaves you to wonder if the
manuscript missed an editor's desk altogether.

And still you struggle...the love of writing
is in your blood. You secretly harbor the
dream of writing the Great American Novel.

But you have your own reality show happening.
Things like the roof over your head. Food.
Clothing. Transportation. Utilities. This
is supposed to be bliss?

There is a way to put your love of writing to
work for you. One in which you can make money!

You will have to relearn some things. Toss out
some rules you've lived by since you don't
know when. Forget your creative writing teachers.

But what if you could finally earn money with
writing? Would you be able to put aside the
established idea of breaking into print? It
doesn't mean you'll never again pursue your
dream of writing a bestseller. Just that living
with financial freedom right now is more

Here's the good part. You will become an eBook
writer! Simply put...selling information online.

You already know how-to information rules the
bestseller lists. Now you will be offering
information-hungry consumers the answers to
their problems.

Another term is consumer eBooks.

No more rejection letters! Your customers will
gladly pay you for your knowledge and research.

Simple Rules For eBook Writing

* write like you're having a conversation
* it must be reader-friendly
* just the facts, no fluff
* quality over quantity
* don't go on and on when fewer words will do
* think like your reader
* research books on the subject you write about

Just think back to your homework days of writing
an essay...

* research
* introduction
* main points
* conclusion

Haven't you banged your head against keyboards long
enough? Working hard for no results? You'll think
the work involved in writing eBooks is child's play!

And for writers, getting paid for their writing is the
most blissful feeling of all!

How To Finally Make Money Writing!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

eBook Writing: Going To Market

Do you have an eBook written? Are you at
a loss for what to do next? Tiffany Dow
can take you by the hand and guide you
step by step in eBook marketing.

In Chapter 6 this is some of what you'll

*why you should post your product
with more than one service

*another way but tells you why it's
the most expensive

*which way gives you the best deal

*the steps to take to get your product

* to protect your
downloads from thieves!

*the special tool the "gurus" use and

*all about the sales page

*how to walk customers through the sale

I gotta tell you. The more I read of Building
An eBook Empire, the more impressed I
become. It truly is the only guide you need to
creating you own internet marketing business
the way the superstar gurus do it!

After all, it was Tiffany who helped the
gurus to big pay cheques!

How To Start Your Own Publishing Empire!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making Money Online: Your Knowledge Sells

How To Make Money Online With What You Already Know!

In this economy, many of us are trying to come up with different
ways to make extra money. If you already have a job, you'd
prefer to find a way to make money online from home.

One of the quickest ways is to write and sell an eBook.
Before that scares you away, think about it.

Everyone knows stuff. Stuff that other people will pay
to know. Whether it's a hobby or everyday skill, you
know valuable information stored in those gray cells.

And if you really think you don't know anything, you
can do research. Once your eBook is ready to promote,
the other quick way is to get it set up on ClickBank.
They take care of the hassles and other people are
able to promote it as well!

With the eReaders out there, your possibilities
increase beyond your imagination.

One of the best teachers I've found is Tiffany Dow.
Visit her site to see why. I absolutely love her book!

Click Here to Make Money Online!

Friday, October 8, 2010

eBook Writing: How To Learn From The Best

It's been said that everyone has a book in them.
Do you? Has it been struggling to get out but
doesn't quite know the ropes?

If that's the case, you have to get to know the
work of Tiffany Dow. First, she's a woman of
integrity. In the world of internet marketing, we
see a lot of hooey and hype.

Tiffany is first class, all the way. She used to
be a ghostwriter for some of the "gurus". Helped
make them a lot of money. She made a little.

Then she decided to put her talents to work for
herself. She also wrote a book telling you how
she writes her eBooks.

This is one incredible gem of information.
Each chapter is rich in knowledge. If you
follow everything Tiffany Dow tells you
about writing eBooks, it will happen for

You will be an eBook writer. Oh, and she
also tells you how to market your eBook.
Step by step.

How To Write And Sell Your Very Own eBook!