Saturday, December 22, 2007

eBook Writers & AdWords

Ahh...the eBook! And the eBook writer!

--You've either written your eBook...
--In the process of writing an eBook...
--Thinking about writing an eBook...

Either way, when you are ready to tell
the planet about your creation, you will
need a way to advertise.

There are many ways, of course. You can
write articles and if the reader is interested
in what you have to say, they'll click on your
link in the resource box.This will take them
to a webpage where they can find out the
contents of your eBook.

You can work on optimizing your website.
In this way, you hope and pray that the
search engines will see fit to position your
webpage near the top of the heap.

Or you can use Google's AdWords program.
The successful internet marketers all seem
to be using AdWords. They certainly get the
most traffic to their sites by using this method
of advertising.

Just this morning, in my email was a report on
using AdWords without spending a lot of
money. (I couldn't hit the PayPal button
fast enough!)

If you'd like to take a look at what got me
all excited, be my guest at...

I wish for all of you eBook lovers, the best
possible Holiday Season. Play safe and create
magical memories for you and your loved ones!

Merry Christmas!

P. S. And...if you want the granddaddy of learning
about Google AdWords, just click below. It costs
way more money, of course. Something that at this
time of year, for most of us, is in short supply. Indeed!

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