Saturday, April 6, 2013

Make Money Online With The eBook Revolution

Learn How To Write and Publish eBooks!

Make no mistake about it. The rapid rise in the number of
people who now own eReader devices is nothing short of

And these same people are hungry to buy eBooks. In
fact, they can't seem to get enough of them. That's my
kind of addiction. True supply and demand situation.

So this is where you come in. Do you have an interest
in writing eBooks? Has there been a novel inside of you
for years just screaming to get out? Do you have a
special knowledge of a subject that you'd like to share
with others?

eBooks can be fiction or non-fiction. What if you've
never written anything since your grade 8 book report?
Well, there's help for you as well, if you've been
searching for ways to make money online.

Don't get overly excited and think you can throw
anything together and call it an eBook. Quality is
what counts. Yes, I know there's poor writing out
there that have gone on to bestseller status but we're
not going there.

You want to produce an eBook that will stand the
test of time. Something you can be proud of. Then
you'll go on to write another.

It's the first one that's the hardest. But nowhere as
difficult as writing a manuscript and sending it out
to publishers. And waiting for the inevitable rejection
slip. I know...

Of course, there's a right way and a wrong way
to write and publish eBooks. It will go much faster
if you're armed with the correct knowledge.

So you've tried affiliate marketing and other
ways to make money at home. You've become
frustrated and discouraged with the whole thing.

Maybe now it's time to think about writing and
publishing eBooks. Yes, it's work. Everything is.
But never has getting your book in front of readers
been as easy as it is today. And profitable!

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Make Money Online With eBooks

How to Make Money With eBooks!

At some point, it seems anyone with a computer has googled,
"How to make money online!" Maybe just for a laugh. Or
maybe because they really, really wanted to know. Seriously.

As you know, you'll find all kinds of websites offering you the
many ways you can make money at home online. And yes,
there are untold entrepreneurs doing just that. Some are making
a very good living. Some have become millionaires.

The very first thing you have to do is research. What is right
for you? What can you see yourself doing? What is your
passion? You want to love what you're doing because it takes

That's why so many give up. Say, you get into affiliate marketing.
This is a lucrative way to make money online. But, there's a
lot of competition. Very easy to become frustrated. It's best
to promote a product that you are interested in because then
you can write about it. Promotion is easier when you love the

It's true what the top internet marketers say. If you have your
own, exclusive product, you'll have a better chance of success.
This is where writing and publishing eBooks come in.

Yes, for those of you who have always loved writing, it will
be easier. But, you can learn just how to write eBooks. And
get them published. And earn money!

Again, do your research. And don't be afraid to learn the
ropes. Of all ways to make money online, eBook writing is
at the top of the list. Check out the titles on Amazon. These
writers were once where you are right now.

They wondered if they could write and publish eBooks. And
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

3 Reasons You Can Make Money Writing eBooks

Writing an eBook in Three Steps!

Reason # 1....Amazon. 

Amazon has made it so unbelievably easy to write and publish eBooks.
There so many success stories of writers who have tried for years to
get an audience and now with Amazon, their dreams have come true.

More importantly, there are those people who never thought they could
even write a book but were trying to find a way to make money online.
Once they decided to give ebook writing a shot, there was no turning back.

For anyone who wants to make money at home, writing an eBook is
something worth thinking about.

Reason # 2...eReaders & Mobile devices

There are eReaders everywhere it seems. I know several people who
were never what I'd call avid readers, who now can't buy enough books
since they have their beloved gadgets. This is a hungry crowd. With
their Amazon Kindles, Barnes & Noble's Nook and their iPads.

Reason # 2...Buyers, Buyers & More Buyers

As I said, this market is a hungry bunch of consumers. They are on the
go with their mobile phones and devices. They don't like downtime. They
buy fiction and non-fiction. The demand is there. The supply has to come
from people writing eBooks.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blogging About Your eBook

I'm very careful about who and what I recommend on this site. When a product comes out, I don't jump on any bandwagons right away. It's best to take a wait and see approach. I like to hear what customers have to report and if it's a good, solid purchase.

The reason I've decided to add Blogging with John Chow here is that it's passed all my criteria. You may wonder what blogging has to do with writing eBooks. There's an excellent reason. After you write an eBook,
you'll want to let people know about it and where they can go to buy your book.

Blogging is the best way I know. So in that vein, I suggest you take a look at what Blogging with John Chow has to offer you. It just may get your creative juices running in overdrive.

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The Success of the eBook

There has never been such a shake-up in the publishing world as the
eBook! Conventional publishes are gob-smacked. And they are
paying close attention to eBook writers.

eReader devices are soaring. And so are eBook sales. Why shouldn't
you be able to take part in this revolution? Maybe you have already
written a book and can't find a publisher. Perhaps you've always had
a burning desire to write but figured you didn't have a hope in heck.

Well, now can be your time. Take a look at the Amazon titles to start
with. Amazon is the springboard for aspiring writers. Bestselling
authors give thanks to Amazon and eReaders everyday.

Don't live with regret. Take a shot with your future. After all,
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Knowledge Can Make You an eBook Infopreneur

Click Here! Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself, "I could do
better than that."! You know things that other people will pay you
for. It may be a hobby. Or something about your education or job.
Or even just a subject that interests you and with research, you
could write an eBook about it. And people will pay you for that

Take a look at Amazon. Check out the non-fiction titles.
Can you see the possibility of you being right up there with the
rest of the best-selling titles? It is possible. You just need a little
guidance to help you become a best-selling writer.

eReaders have made it possible for anyone with the know-how
to become successful authors. No more rejections from publishers
in the main stream.

Amazon reports that it now sells more eBooks than the physical variety.

Now is the time to write and publish your eBook. All you need is a little
help along the way...

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Write Your Own eBook

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Working in a library, I've seen many changes in these last
years. The biggest is the introduction of the eReader.
Many thought this idea would never take off. Now we
know the truth, don't we?

eReaders are being bought, used and loved. I've seen
people of all ages take to this format. Even those who
weren't what we call avid readers have grown to love
reading if they can use an eReader.

The demand is there. There has to be a continuous
supply source. If you've ever thought of writing your own book,
it makes sense to get up and running with an eBook.

Amazon states that they sell more eBooks than physical copies.
Wow! Young people who hated reading are now being
introduced to a whole new world. Why? Simply because
they can read books on their gadgets. And we know how they
love their gadgets. You never see them without one in their hands.

And if you want to dream a've heard the stories of how an
author publishes an eBook, it takes off and conventional publishers
are knocking at their doors.

If this is something that gets you going, then take a look at someone
who can help you in your quest for writing eBooks.

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