Thursday, January 22, 2009

Writing Your eBook: Make It An "Evergreen" Topic

You know you want to write an eBook and sell
it over the internet. There may be 10's of subjects
mulling around your head. So which one do you
choose to write about?

It helps if you have a passion for the subject.
If you're a golfer, I'm sure there's no end to
what you can tell people about the sport.

You might be a financial consultant. Now you're
hitting the jackpot. With this economy, you have
no end to potential customers.

Whatever your passion, hobby or career happens
to be, there's information that somebody else wants.
Look in the bookstores. Is there just ONE book
on each subject? Hardly.

When I say "evergreen", that just means topics
that have been viable forever and will be still
going strong into the future.

Some examples are:


*child care

*elder care


*relationships (the good, bad and ugly)

*job searching

*home based businesses


*personal development

*pets (we do love 'em)

See what I mean? Things that will always
affect us in some way at some point in our lives.

Go back into the bookstore and have a look
around. Your head will be swimming with ideas.
You have your own unique spin that no other
writer will have. Maybe you've discovered
something that will help others to be healthier,
slimmer, richer, happier or more successful.

Have at it!

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how to write your eBook and sell it online,
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Writing eBooks: Find Your Niche & Scratch It!

How To Make Money From Niche Ebooks

Maverick Money Makers © 1997 - 2008

Make Money From Writing eBooks!


If you have the flair for writing and if you have specialized
knowledge that can potentially interest online users,
you will stand great chances of making huge money online
by writing and publishing your own niche ebooks.
Here's how:

1. Sell ad spaces. You can augment your earnings from this
endeavor if you can sell ad spaces to marketers who are
selling products that compliment your book topic.

Depending on the size of the ad and the projected sales of
your ebook, you can charge up to $500 per ad. You can
also use some of your book space to promote your own
products and services.

By doing so, you can increase your sales and revenue
without hurting your pockets for your advertising cost.
You just have to make sure that your creations will not
look like yellow pages so you can avoid annoying your readers.

2. Sell your niche ebooks. This is the fastest way to
generate income from your creations.

You may write about topics that are extremely interesting
to your potential clients and promote your niche ebooks
online using the most effective advertising tools that are
available in the internet today.

You need to make sure properly build-up your offerings by
highlighting their features and benefits so you can make
them more valuable to the eyes of your potential clients.

3. Use them as your traffic-generating tool. If you are a
marketer, you must understand the importance of driving
quality traffic to your website.

You can attract interested people to give you a visit by
using your niche ebooks. How? You can send your niche ebooks
for free to your potential clients. Load them up with valuable
information that these people will find interesting.

When you are able to impress your readers and make
them see that you are really good on what you do, you can
be assured that they will flock your website in no time.
Make sure that you post your site's URL on every page of
your creations to make it much easier for these people to give
you a visit.

4. Use them on your list building campaigns. You'll stand
great chances of growing your ebusiness if you can effectively
capture the email addresses of your potential clients.

You can boost your sign-up rate if you can reward these people
with free niche ebooks that contain information that are
relevant to their needs and demands.

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society that will teach you how to
build a six-figure a month business
on the internet.

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Make Money From Writing eBooks!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Information Publishing: Anyone Can Write An eBook!

Anyone Can Write an eBook

You may think that you have to be a professional
writer in order to write an eBook, but this isn’t true
in today’s marketplace.

An eBook doesn’t have to be written by a professional
writer – just someone with enough information about
a topic to make it valuable to consumers.

Why is this true when the offline publishing world
demands a laundry list of credentials to one’s name?
The simple fact of the matter is that eBooks are written
for online consumers – a totally different beast from
your Barnes and Noble crowd.

These people want you to talk to them in a casual,
conversational tone. They don’t want to hear something
that reads like a textbook from their school days. They
also want it fast – and they scour the ‘net to find reputable
sources they feel comfortable investing in.

When it comes to eBooks, as I learned in ,
you don’t have to have a lot of expertise in a specific field
in order to write about it.

If you’re willing to take the time to research the topic,
then the sky really is the limit when it comes to deciding
what you want your niche to learn from you.

Of course, today it’s easier than ever before to do research.
All you need are some Internet smarts. If you know your
way around the ‘net, then you should know how to use
Search Engines and article directories to find information
for your eBook that you can digest and rewrite in your
own slant and voice.

You’ll have to be careful that you don’t infringe upon any of
the copyrighted material. Everything that you write will
have to come from you. You can’t copy something that
someone else has written into your eBook and then sell it.
This will more than likely cause you to become involved in
a nasty lawsuit, which is something you don’t need.

Creating an eBook to sell online can be a lucrative
endeavor for your internet marketing business. You can
make some serious money as an information publisher.

This is especially true if you take this job on yourself instead
of hiring a ghostwriter to do the work for you. It’s even
truer if you choose a topic that you enjoy so you can get
down to the business of researching and writing your eBook.

The next time you have a great idea that you would like to
write an eBook about, go ahead and give it a shot.
You’ll discover that this eBook is something that your
website’s visitors will purchase. This is because you know
what they’re looking for and you can create your very own
product with their needs and desires in mind.

Plus, after you’ve finished your eBook and have it ready to
sell, you’ll feel a great deal of accomplishment and pride.
Affiliates will flock to represent your information product,
too, if it’s chock full of value and lessens the refund rates.

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today and start your own eBook empire!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How To Create Your Own Product & Make Money At Home

One Stream of Income – Is It Enough?

Regardless of where you turn online or what you
read on the Internet, you’ll find yourself being told
that you should create multiple streams of income
in order for you to be successful on the ‘net.

Tiffany Dow reveals, in her new eBook at,
that it’s a scare tactic used to get you to invest in more
Internet marketing products.

They’re using scarcity to make you believe that if you don’t
use twelve different methods of making money online,
you may not get rich enough.

The truth is, you don’t need more than one source of
income, as long as it’s producing enough for you to reach
your financial goals.

The problem is, when you start dividing up your time to
focus on multiple streams of income, you wind up not getting
good enough at one skill to become a top producer in your niche.

Multiple streams of income means you’re working harder
than you have to, which conflicts with the message of
“easy money” that online business opportunities deliver.

Instead of halfway succeeding at a dozen different methods,
wouldn’t it be better if you took one idea and ran with it all
the way to the top?

Not only would it deliver the same amount of money,
if not more, but it would lighten your workload to focus on
one money-making option rather than numerous ones.

Many marketers experience burnout and quit the industry
altogether because they’re running in circles trying to get all
of their income streams operating at once.

In order to actually find the success online that you want,
you should be focusing on only one thing, like creating
eBooks, and become an expert and authority in that one
area. Once you’re successful there and are able to manage
your workload easily in this area, then you can repeat the

Repeating what works is the tried and true tactic all
top marketers use to build seven-figure salaries. While
they’re preaching that you should “divide and conquer,”
they themselves are generating a steady income from what
they know works.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Information Publishing: The Perfect Home Based Business

Writing, publishing and selling information
is now and forever will be one of the best ways to
make money as an entrepreneur.

Just don't stifle your Cash-Pulling Creativity!

Most marketers don’t realize that they’re selling
themselves short when it comes to profitable idea
generation. Most of us go by the rules – seeking
out and the following a proven formula for success.

It’s easy because we read what someone else has
said works, implement a cookie-cutter approach, and
start to see some results. Even if they’re small results,
we’re elated because at least it’s something.

Tiffany Dow teaches, in her new eBook at,
that you have to veer off the beaten path from time to
time and give yourself the opportunity to shine in the

Unless you create a breakout product or develop an
innovative idea, you’ll always be trailing the top money-
producers on the ‘net.

If you really want to see the amount of money that you’re
making explode, then you’re going to have to think
outside the box.

Only then will you be able to set yourself apart from
your competition in the eyes of your target audience and
position yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

You may be able to find that there’s a void that needs
filling that your competitors haven’t yet discovered.
Whatever it is that your customers are searching for,
but are unable to find online, this is where you want to
make gains off of the other guys’ shortcomings.

Not following the leader will help you advance in the
money game. Be willing to be the first to do something,
whether it’s a new traffic strategy you’re teaching, or
new customer service technique, or a creative product
idea that has everyone buzzing about it.

There are so many different ways to figure out what
needs still aren’t being met. You can post a survey or
questionnaire on your website asking people what
they would like to see developed.

You could also ask questions of people on forums or
spend some time watching TV or looking through
magazines to see what the average consumer is interested

Once you find your answer, you need to develop the
product that will fill this need. You can even create your
own niche for a product that already exists.

For instance, people created clothes and display cases
for Ty Beanie Babies and made a lot of money off of that.

You could even recreate an older product by looking
at books that are now in public domain. These books
could be spruced up for you to sell.

Your other option is to improve upon an existing product
that’s already successful. You would be fixing the
weaknesses in a product by making yours, which is better
than what already exists.

Be willing to eke out your own place as a leader in the
marketplace, and don’t fall in line and conform with
what’s considered the “norm.”

Being different, in the case of online sales, can make you rich.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

How To Sell Your eBook Online To Make A Fortune

How To Make A Fortune With Your eBook!

You've finally completed your eBook! There's
no feeling like it, right? would be nice.

Now you want to offer it to the world. You can do
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Getting set up to take payment. Dealing with refunds.
All those headache-producing chores.

The easy way is to let ClickBank do all the work for
you. They are the #1 digital product marketplace
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ClickBank, your headaches are over.

Not only that but now you have a horde of onward-
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out there on the subject.

After the sweat and tears you produced in writing
your eBook, don't let yourself settle for anything
but the best in promoting your baby.

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How To Make A Fortune With Your eBook!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make Money At Home With An Information Business

Proven Secrets From The Experts That GUARANTEE To Show You Exactly How They Make Their Millions With High Demand, Simple To Run, Information Businesses!

You have your own reasons for wanting to start a
home based business.

Since there's no end to the job losses in our
economy, maybe you're worried about yours.

Maybe you've already lost your job and lie
awake at night wondering what will happen to
you and your family.

You might be a retiree who has lost retirement
savings due to the greed of those who only ever
worried about themselves and their huge bonuses.

You could be a stay at home parent needing
desperately to supplement the household income.

Whatever your circumstances, you are searching
for the means to become self-sufficient. Because
you know now more than ever that you have to
look out for yourself. Nobody is going to be there
to offer YOU a bailout.

What is true now and has been for many decades is
that one of the best ways to make money at home
and be your own boss is the information business.

Writing and marketing information can be your
means to making an impressive amount of money.
But how do you go about it? Luckily, you can learn
from the information marketers that have already
created fortunes of their own.

You'll learn from an impressive list of well-known
information entrepreneurs. Everything it takes to
start your very own information empire!

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Proven Secrets From The Experts That GUARANTEE To Show You Exactly How They Make Their Millions With High Demand, Simple To Run, Information Businesses!