Monday, December 24, 2007

Infopreneur: How To Become One In 2008!

You've decided this New Year is the year
you finally write your eBook. You've thought
about writing an eBook for years. You've
dreamed about it even longer. This year
nothing is going to hold you back. Right?

Then you realize you may just need a little
help. You know you could write an eBook if
you had a little guidance. Sure, you could go
the trial-and-error route. Wasting a lot of
time. Hey, you've already wasted enough

You don't want to start one and then find
out that nobody has any interest in buying
it. You want to offer people what they want
to know. Find you niche, as they say.

Since there's a right way and a wrong way
to approach anything, may as well get the
goods before you start. Then you can be
assured of success.

There are two wonderful mentors I have found.
One is an eBook guide by Tiffany Dow. I keep
reading this over and over and still find new gems.
Following this guide as it leads you by the hand,
telling you everything you need to know to
write, publish and market your eBook online.

Tiffany knows what she's talking about. She was
a ghostwriter to the so-called "internet marketing
gurus". For years, Tiffany wrote their eBooks.
They put their name on them and made the

Finally she decided to show you what really goes
on behind those closed doors of the most famous
internet marketing giants. She also learned from
them what it takes to market a book. To take it
to bestseller status.

And, Tiffany Dow teaches you everything you need
to know to write and market your eBook online. To
read more about Tiffany's Build An eBook Empire...

The other approach is almost a paint-by-numbers
guide from Marlon Sanders. His newly-released
Info-Product Dashboard is a proven hit already.

It's like clicking your way to creating your own
infoproduct. You will have your infoproduct in
6 weeks!

Check out the always entertaining Marlon Sanders:

Whichever approach suits your personality, you
can be sure that with either these two mentors
leading you by the hand, you will have your ebook
written and ready for the world to see in this New

Merry Christmas!