Friday, November 19, 2010

One-Of-A-Kind Christmas Gift Idea For The Writer On Your List

For The Writer Who Wants To Be Published In One Day!

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is hard at the
best of times. You want to be unique. Do something
nobody else has thought of before. You want your
loved one to feel special!

If you have someone to buy for who happens to be a
writer or an aspiring writer, have I got a suggestion
for you!

You know about the exploding popularity of Kindle,
right? Amazon doesn't just snap their fingers and have
books on Kindle.

They depend on writers. This is where the writer on your
gift list comes in. Nothing is more frustrating for writers
than to wait to hear from editors to see if their work has
been accepted.

So much time can be in limbo just waiting and waiting...
Now in this great age of technology, your writer does not
have to wait anymore.

Results are instant! Well, in the time it takes to upload their
writing unto the Amazon site, that is.

In one day, your writer can see their very own book published
for Kindle and on Amazon for sale! It will blow their minds.
I watched the process from start to finish the other evening on
a webinar and my heart still races to think about it.

After you buy this perfect gift and download it, you can print
it off and wrap it up. Or if you want to be more creative, go
to Kinkos and have a cover made for it.

There isn't a writer in the world you won't benefit from
this amazing manual on becoming published in the shortest
time possible!

The Writer's Perfect Gift!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Become A Published Author: Literally Overnight!

Make Your Dreams Come True!

Last night I was on a webinar about writing books for
Kindle. I thought I had lost my mind. I was up all last
night. No sleep. Too excited!

For anyone wanting to become a writer, you're dreams
have just come true. You don't have to wait for an agent
to give you the time of day. You can take matters into your
own hands.

You don't have to wait YEARS to see all your hard work
finally materialize. OMG, this is almost instant!

You can now be a published author. Literally overnight!
I almost peed myself last night. Excitement reigns! Life is

If you want to see how easy it can be to become an honest-
to-god published writer, have a look at this.

It truly is the new way of being a published writer. The old
ways are over...

Becone A Published Author Literally Overnight!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Information Publishers: Tips For Your Sales Page

How To Have An eBook Empire!

One of the chapters in Building An eBook Empire
covers your sales page. So important. Isn't this
what convinces you to buy something. You want
details about the product.

Some subjects covered are:

*how to write sales copy
*how to get testimonials
*what to do about the bonuses
*the importance of the guarantee
*how much to charge

At all times, tell the truth! There is nothing
worse than reading a sales page, ordering
the product and wondering how they both
matched up. Do you give your trust to that
marketer again? I sure don't!

I've even been known to have the product in
my hand and as I'm reading, I'll keep going
back to the sales copy for the eBook. And
everything that's on the sales page that
convinced me to order the eBook, better
darn well be in the eBook!!!

If it's not, all credibility is lost. I
unsubscribe from their newsletters and
ignore anything I see by them in the

This is why I can give you my blessing on
Building An eBook Empire.

It's all in there, folks! I looked!

The Honest Truth About Becoming An eBook Publisher!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

eBook Promotion: In The Beginning Was The Keyword

How To Write And Sell Your Information!

Once you have written your eBook, you want
to offer it to the consumers who want your
information. must focus on Keywords!

In Chapter 2 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany Dow teaches you the importance of

Keywords are the words and/or phrases
that people enter in search engines to find
matching web pages. To get the information
they need and will pay for. Like your eBook!

Nothing starts without the keyword! If your
potential customers can't find you, well--
you know the rest.

You'll want to think like a potential buyer.
What words will they use to look for a product
like yours? What phrases might they use?

You will want to make an extensive list. The top
marketers spend alot of time in keyword
research. It's that important. As well you'll
want to develop the long-tail keywords, which
Tiffany will tell you about.

You will build your keyword list so
people can find your website...and, these
keywords will also be used for advertising,
say, with Google Adwords, if you so choose.

You'll be doing keyword research to find
new ideas for your future eBook creations.

Along with your head, there are several good
keyword search tools available. Many are
free! And some excellent paid tools. It's a
cost well spent.

In Building An eBook Empire, Tiffany
teaches you sound search tips. And even a
way to spy on your competitors! You can see
what keywords they are using to attract the
same buyers you want to visit you!

This book is all you need to write, publish
and sell your own eBooks. It's jam-packed
with valuable information.

Since Tiffany Dow is one of the most honest
internet marketers around, you're in good hands!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Make Money Online Like The Gurus: With Your Own Product

Click Here To Be Like The Gurus!

The gurus have their own digital products
and now so can you. Let's get right to it.
Where to begin...

I believe in starting with the best of everything.
In this case, the best teacher. That would be
Tiffany Dow.

She can lead you every step of the way in
creating your own digital product.  And how
to go to market.

She just so happens to be the most honest
internet marketer online today. I'd like to
be her new best friend.

Honesty gets to me every time.

That's why I have a copy of her one-of-
a-kind blueprint for success...
Building an eBook Empire.

In the first chapter you learn about niche
marketing. You'll be told not only how to
find out what consumers are looking for,
but most importantly...what they will spend
money on!

We are so familiar with the internet marketing
gurus and their huge launches of "how to make
money" products, we forget one valuable point.

Before they became "gurus", they were doing
other things with internet marketing. That's why
they can write about how to make money online.

They won't tell you about their "secret niches".
These are continuous money makers for them.
Flying under the radar and under an alias!

But, Tiffany Dow knows their secrets because
she was the ghostwriter to the gurus! For 6
years, Ms. Dow was learning the tricks of the
trade along side the biggest names in the
field of internet marketing.

She now shares her knowledge with you in
Building An eBook Empire. This is a
truly informative book that will give you the
exact blueprint you need to write and market
your very own eBook.

The Proven Way To Succeed Online!