Thursday, December 13, 2007

Info-Products: Selling What You Know

If you have a particular interest in anything,
trust me, others want to know it too! Go into
any bookstore. You'll see people buying books
about How-To Information.

Do you think it's the first book they ever bought
on that particular subject? Hardly. When we
are passionate about something, we want to get
our hands on everything about our special interest.

So, whatever it is you know about, there are
buyers out there that will pay you for your take
on the subject. You may be the one to give them
an A-ha! moment.

If you can carry on a conversation with a friend,
you can write eBooks to market online. And,
sure enough, there's help available for the would-be

If you like the idea of an eBook, Tiffany Dow has
one of the best. She gained knowledge of writing
eBooks by being a ghostwriter to the internet
marketing gurus. The ones who went on to make
a lot of money. Tiffany wrote many of those

If you want a chapter-by-chapter detailed review
of her book, Building An eBook Empire, click on
my May posts. With her guidance, you'll be taken
from start to finish. will take
you to Tiffany's website.

Then we have Marlon Sanders. He's just released a
product that helps you get your info-product to
the market as easy as paint-by-numbers. You'll
see what I mean after listening to the incomparable
Mr. Sanders at:

Get started now and you'll have your eBook on the
market in 2008!

Season's Greetings!