Monday, April 21, 2008

What's Stopping You From Writing eBooks?

How to write eBooks...
eBook writing...
Writing, publishing and selling eBooks...

If you're anything like me, just seeing those
words anywhere, makes you sit up and pay
attention, right?

For me, it seems to have been since I was
a child. Of course, back then it wasn't "eBooks".
But anything to do with "writing" and I became
glued to the information.

Now it is so much easier, thanks to the internet.
You can write, publish and sell eBooks like
never before. So what's stopping you???

Let me take a guess. Do these thoughts go
through your head?:

"What do I know?"
"Who would want to hear anything I had to say?"
"It's all been said before!"
"Jeeze Louise, I could never write. It's just a dream!"

Think again. You do know stuff. Plenty of people
would like to know what you know. And this is
my favorite...

If you are interested in a topic, have you only read
ONE BOOK on the subject? NO! Why?

Because every writer speaks in a different tone. Take
writing for example. Did I stop at just one book from
the Writer's Digest catalogue? No way. I learned
something from all of them.

Whatever my passion, I want to read everything I
can get my hands on. When something resonates
with me and I get that "A-HA" moment of clarity,
man, there's just no feeling like it!

You can do the same. Choose your topic. Write it
your way and be happy!

If you need guidance to go from start to finish with
your eBook writing and publishing, I want to introduce
you to the person I've learned from. And there
are many "A-HA" moments in Tiffany Dow's incredible
book called...Building An eBook Empire.

It has everything you need to know to take you step-
by-step through the whole process of building YOUR
eBook empire. If you want to read a chapter-by-chapter
review I did when I first got my copy, go back to May
posts of last year. This is truly a classic!

The reason Tiffany Dow knows what she's talking about
and can teach you to do the same as her, is that she, in
fact, was a ghostwriter to the internet marketing "gurus".

The names you know. The ones who made fortunes with
their eBooks. That's right. It was Tiffany who wrote them!
And by being in their circle, she got to see how to market
eBooks like the winners do. And she teaches you. Everything
you need to know.

When I bought my Building An eBook Empire, I paid $47.
That's ok. It's worth that and so much more. However,
Tiffany decided to reduce the price so it was more affordable
to more eBook writers. Can you believe you can now get it
for $ 27 !!! Lucky you! (yeah, I'm a little jealous)

So back to my original question...
"What's stopping you from writing eBooks?"