Monday, July 30, 2007

Selling eBooks: Here's A Free Website Builder

OK, this excites me. Why? Because, when
it comes to thinking about building websites,
I freeze up and feel as stupid as a stick!

Whether you have your own eBook ready to
put out there to the world, or you were one of
the ones who grabbed the Instant Cash Payouts,
in order to have an eBook to sell NOW, you have
to download this website builder for your
internet marketing business!

This is so easy, even I am looking forward to
creating web pages with this system. It's
NVU technology. Pronounced ( N-VIEW ).

Not only that, it's F-R-E-E !!!!!!!

Now that's my kind of sale!

Go for it,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Making Money Online With Blogging

Blogging To The Bank 2.0 by Rob Benwell!

Even if building your own information
empire is not something you're ready to
do just yet......but, you do want to jump
in and get your feet wet in the internet
marketing world, you have many options!

What I love about Blogging To The Bank,
is that whatever route you take to make
money online, having a blog is now an
essential part of your marketing plan.

Actually, I can't think of any internet marketer
who doesn't have a blog. So, if the gurus are
blogging, we should be too, right?

Say you want to get started with affiliate
marketing, while you work on your eBook.
Then you'll be sure to want to set up a blog.

Since there's a right way, a wrong way and the
expert way of doing things, so if you want to make
money online, well, you get the picture...

Rob Benwell is a blogging expert. And, he'll
inform you how to become a master blogger
as well.

Maybe you want to make money with Google
AdSense. Again, here's where the blog comes in.
Blogging To The Bank teaches you the fastest,
soundest means to make money with AdSense.

So whatever you do while you're working on
writing an eBook, who can say "no" to another
means of income?

Blogging is an art form you can learn. Let
Rob teach you. It's much better and faster than
trial and error!

Happy Blogging,

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Squidoo Queen Has Lost Her Mind!

Squidoo and Bum Marketing!

I just heard from Kelly, the Squidoo Queen.
Something has to be wrong with her. For the
next 48 hours she is letting her exceptional
Squidoo and Bum Marketing eBook go for

I didn't believe it either so I looked at her
sales page and there it was. NINE DOLLARS!
Again, that's $9! Incredible!

What can I say? You have to be kind to
yourself and your eBook publishing business
and purchase your copy right away!

Hurry before the 48 hours are up. At least read
her sales page!


P. S. If you didn't see the previous post from
yesterday, scroll down for that one. You won't
be sorry.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Writing eBooks: What To Sell Until Yours Is Finished

I know you're anxious to get your eBook publishing
business off the ground. But, you can't write an eBook
overnight! I hear you.

So while you are working on your very own exclusive
information product, you can still sell something.

Here are 2 products that fit right in with your future
eBook publishing business.

****Instant Cash Payouts****

This eBook only costs you 7 Dollars!! And, then
you get the exclusive rights to turn right around
and sell it yourself.

You will make 100% commission. The money goes
directly into your PayPal account!

Not only that but the eBook is about Writing,
Publishing and Marketing eBooks!

So you learn step-by-step what you need to know
about your eBook publishing business AND you have
a how-to information product to sell! Best of both

Get it here and start making money...

****Squidoo Blueprint****

In building your information empire, you'll
want to market your socks off. And, starting
out, you must take advantage of FREE

This is where Squidoo comes in. This eBook
teaches you what you need to know to take
advantage of building a lens to market your

And, you can start making money with it
right away. At least you'll get a taste for how
good it feels to see money coming in while you
create your own eBook.

Get it here...

Now you'll be one step closer to your eBook
Publishing Empire!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Squidoo and Self Publishing: Marketing eBooks Gets Top Traffic Generator

For the eBook self publishers who haven't
heard of Squidoo yet, please check this Web 2.0
powerhouse out today at...

Doesn't that get the imagination fired up?
It's an eBook publishing dream!

~Reasons You Must Squidoo Your eBook Publishing~

  • Squidoo is custom-made for eBook self publishers
  • You will stand out from the crowd
  • Squidoo gets 5 MILLION visitors every month!
  • World's biggest traffic generator
  • Easy to use. I like that one!
  • Unlimited lens making
  • Squidoo pages rank high on Google searches
  • Your competitors are already using Squidoo

What's left to think about? Just come with the...

Squidoo Queen

And for a choice where you get to turn around and make 100% profits...

Squidoo Blueprint...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writing eBooks: Looking For A Niche In A Haystack

Writing eBooks is one of the best ways
to start your own internet marketing

The "ones in the know" tell us that.
We must have our own product to be

Yes, affiliate marketing can be lucrative
as well. And a great way to learn the
ropes of internet marketing.

But...having your very own eBook! You'll
be an original. Exclusive. No cookie-cutter
business for you.

Great you say, now what? What do I write

You need to find "a niche". One that has low
competition. But a niche that has interested

It could be a hobby. Part of your job. Or you
can do research. "Evergreen" topics are a
sure bet. Those are subjects that will be around

Subjects, relationships, marriage, babies,
raising children, getting older, education...get the

Yes, they've been written about before. Everything
has. But you are going to bring your own special
slant to your eBook.

Go into a bookstore and see how many books are
published on the same subject. Same for writing

To get an in-depth education in the art of writing
eBooks, this is one that covers everything you'll
need to know...Click Here!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blogging Your eBook

Your eBook is finished! You're ready
to market. Yahoo!

One method you must engage in is
blogging. Why? Because search engines
love blogs. Not just any blogs. One where
you constantly update your blog with

With your eBook marketing blog, you
will introduce your eBook to the public.
You will explain the benefits it offers.
You can write articles on your specific

There are many eBooks to explain how
to create a profitable blog. One from a
master blogger who has created $uccess
with blogging and can teach you to do
the same is Rob Benwell. I recommend
his Blogging To The Bank 2.0 because
I like to learn from the ones who actually
do what they teach.

It may be just what will work for you.
Take a look at it here...

To your future eBook marketing success,

Writing How-To eBooks: Don't Wait For Perfection

How-To Books are the most successful
publishing ventures in the off-line and
online worlds.

You know you have one in you. You've
been thinking of writing a how-to book

What's stopping you? Maybe the same
malady that strikes many writers...

You are paralyzed by questioning
yourself over and over.

Can I do this? Is it good enough? Have
I done enough research? Are all the
traffic lights turning green at the same

You read other books and think,
"Sheesh, I could do that!" The only
difference between you and the other
writer is this: They just DID IT!

Sometimes we have to simply jump in.
Analyzing until we have a meltdown will
get us nowhere. Watching book after
eBook get written and marketed, while
we suffer from confidence problems is a
life wasted.

We all have to start somewhere. And
the great thing about writing eBooks
is that you can update them. Change
them. Improve them.

All eBook writers had to start with the
first one. They became successful because
they constantly learned as they went along.

Nothing is perfect. Or ever will be. If that
were true, there would only be one
book in the bookstore on any given subject.
Boring, don't you think?

So...go ahead. Get that book that's inside
of you out in the open. Rattle the keyboard.
Wear out the delete key if you must. But,
get it done.

Starting is the hardest part of all.

You don't have to write a 100 page eBook
starting out. Go with short reports. Give
valuable information on your niche.

For a step-by-step guide and a perfect
example of the shorter report eBook, check
out Instant Cash Payouts at:

You'll understand how much solid information
can be packed into an eBook. Stuart Stirling
supplies you with everything you need to know
to get started writing eBooks.

Don't stay on the sidelines watching others
fulfill their dreams while you keep suffering.

And Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How To Be An Information Entrepreneur

Selling Information By Mail!

Anyone old enough to remember that?

For anyone wanting to start a home
based business a very long time ago,
a mail order business marketing books
was the way to go.

And we had our "gurus" then, too.

Do you see the pattern? Information
was always in demand. But, oh it was
so much harder than it is today!

Back then, the only choice was a printed
booklet, guide, manual, book, report, etc...
Just think of the printing costs!

You'd have to pay for advertising in papers
and magazines. More money! For those
who had thousands for an ad budget, they'd
take out a full-page ad in a glossy magazine.
(how I envied them)

If they were interested, they'd have to
write a letter asking for more information,
and go to the post office, for pity's sake!

Then the information seller would mail
the interested party a sales letter telling
them the benefits of their book. Another
go at the post office!!!

Then when the interested party finally
received your sales letter and decided
to purchase your offering, they'd go to
the post office again to send off their

And. Everybody. Waited.

Then the information seller would
package their product, affix the labels
and postage (!) and go to the post office

I remember waiting once for 6 weeks
to receive an important manual that I
was certain would change my life! (it did)

Drove everybody crazy. Everyday it
didn't show up was a day with a hissy fit.

Can you believe it?

Just look at now with the internet! Everyday,
I spend a moment thinking of how lucky
we are. And saying a prayer of gratitude.

For anyone today wanting to have a home
based business selling information, it is
a dream!

We don't have to wait for weeks as we
rely on the post office. We search for what
we want online. We see a sales letter. We
decide we want to buy it. And, presto!

We pay online and download our eBook
on our fricking computer! Who would
have thunk it? Gobsmacked, I am.

Yes, it makes me feel old. But I'm so
happy to be a part of this age where a
home based business is so easy!

And, isn't it a tribute to the value of
"information"? It was then and always
will be the best product in the world to
have and behold.

So....for those of you who remember
looking at ads in Popular Mechanics
and to those who just go to Google and
search for what you want, take heart.

If it's a home based, information-for-sale,
internet marketing business YOU would
like to start, you're living in the perfect

And, the easiest, quickest, least expensive
way to learn how to go about it would
have to be this jam-packed, lead-you-by-
the-hand eBook written by Stuart Stirling.

The bonuses alone is worth 10 times the price
you'll pay. (seriously...I don't know why
he doesn't charge more)

Go take a look to see if it would suit your
needs. And nobody has to go to the post
office. Yee Haw!

Go ahead. Make your day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marketing Your eBooks On Squidoo


Have you heard of Squidoo?

For those of you who haven't,
you're in for the ride of your

This revolutionary concept was
created by Seth Godin and you
have to go to the site and check it
out at

This is a blog about writing,
publishing and marketing your
eBooks online
and the tools that
will help you succeed in your
internet marketing business.

So along with blogging, you must
take advantage of Squidoo to
market your eBooks. The best part
about Squidoo? It's FREE!!!

Now you already know about
Tiffany Dow if you've been checking
out this blog. And her Building An
eBook Empire.

Well, she did it again. She has written
one on everything you need to know
to use Squidoo to make money. For
those of you who've already purchased
her Building An eBook Empire, you
know how she delivers. You get what
you pay for, right?

Check out what you can learn from

Click Here!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Manifesting Money: Write An eBook

"The Secret", Manifesting, Visualizing...

What I want to know is..."Where's my Genie?"
It seems he has better things to do than
command my wishes.

I envy those who practice the techniques of
The Secret with total success. For years
I've read everything I could get my hands on
that had to do with the Law of Attraction.

There was one good thing I received from all
that reading...inspiration. And that's a good

However, all the proper "thinking" did not
magnetize money into my life. And I still can't
figure out how using the Secret can make the
utility bills NOT appear in my mailbox. The
proponents would say I'm not doing it right.
They may be right!

For those of you who have to work to make
money, I know you understand what I'm saying.
Hopefully, you enjoy what you do. Even so,
it's taking more and more money for just the
necessities of life.

So whether you just want to supplement your
income or aspire to leave your job and become
your own boss, there is a sound way to achieve
that dream.

You can take what you already know and make
money with it. If you think you don't know
anything, you can research.

The business gurus all say the way to success
is to have your own exclusive product. By
writing an eBook, you'll have exactly that.

Then you can publish and market your very
own eBook online.

The information that has helped me may be
of value to you. One gives you an outlined guide
for everything you need to know at a very
inexpensive price. $7!

This can be found at:

For an extensive manual that does
everything but actually write the eBook
for you, you may enjoy looking into this
one. Wait til you see who wrote it. Talk
about an expose! This one is priced at $47.

If you're not quite sure this home based
business would suit your personality until
you know more about it, I'd go with the
$7 manual. This way you'll know if it's
something you could see yourself doing,
plus, you have the information needed to

If you already know you want to write,
publish and market eBooks online, I'd
go with the $47 heavy-duty guidebook.

For a more in-depth, chapter-by-chapter
review, just scroll down through the posts.
I talk about what you get in all the chapters.

Phew! Thanks for listening!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Making Money: A Home Based Business That Delivers Fast!

You need a home based!


Your paycheck doesn't stretch far enough...
You're a stay-at-home-mom...
You're retired and want to start a business...
You're disabled and it's easier to be home...
You are unemployed and need to create a job...
You just want more money, damn it!

We all have our reasons.

Yes, there are many products and services you
can provide customers to be in business.

To get ideas, just visit the website for
Entrepreneur Magazine. There's bound to be
something there to get your juices flowing.
And they have guidebooks on the businesses
you can purchase. It's an incredible site.

But, if you need to hit the ground running,
you may want to think about how the top
internet marketers started to make money

eBooks! That's right. No, you aren't going to
make the money that the top marketers are
making but we have to start somewhere.
They did.

Before you say you couldn't do this eBook
thing, think again. You know stuff. And if
you really don't know anything, you can

And I'm betting you can talk. That's what
it takes. You write the way you talk.

For the guidance you'll need to get you
started or if you just want to check out
this internet marketing business to see if
it's for you, I have an eBook here that's
so inexpensive, you can't possibly go
wrong. No buyer's regret with this baby.
'Cause you can have it for just $7!!!

Check it out..

If you want the no-holds-barred, in-depth,
step-by-step, tell-you-like-it's-done-by-the-
top-internet-marketers...I have that too.

A writer by the name of Tiffany Dow wrote
this behind-closed-doors book. I say that
because Tiffany used to be the ghostwriter
for several top marketing gurus. Yes, she
wrote what they put their names on and
maybe you bought.

She knows the secrets and she spills them.
You'll have to pay more, of course, for
her book. It's loaded. Will cost you $47. If
you don't want to spend that much right
now, stay away from...

If you have time and want to do your
due diligence, I have a chapter by chapter
review on this blog. But, you'll have to scroll
way down to get to it...sorry.

Now you have something to think about!

Lots of luck,

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Writing, Publishing & Marketing On The Internet

Happy 4th of July to all of you wonderful
people living in the great USA! Wish I were
there right now!!

But, thanks to the power of the internet, we are
all connected. And being blessed to be online,
we also have the freedom to be our own boss.

Writing, self-publishing and being able to market
our eBooks on the internet is "the perfect business".


Stay At Home Moms
Stay At Home Dads
Students needing college tuition
Students wanting to create their own jobs
The unemployed needing to create their own job
The disabled
Employed workers who need more income

I'm sure you can add more to the list.

For information to teach you step-by-step,
everything you need to know to start your
own ebook publishing business, I've found
what I feel are the best guides available.

Scroll down through the posts. You'll
find Tiffany Dow's Building An eBook Empire
and Stuart Stirling's Instant Cash Payouts.

These ebooks provide the nuts-and-bolts of
how to write an ebook, how to publish and
how to market your ebook.

To use blogs to promote your ebook, Rob
Benwell's Blogging To The Bank 2.0 teaches
what he's learned the hard way of succeeding
with blogs.

If you want more detail on choosing the
perfect niche for the subject of your ebook,
Dan Lok's The Niche Formula is the way
to go...

I hope everyone all over the world has had
a wonderful July 4th!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blogging: Create A Visitor-Magnetizing Blog


There are many blogs out there. Are all of them
getting the amount of traffic the blogger wants?

You may have a blog now or are thinking of
starting a blog. Naturally, you want to do it in a
way that proves successful, right?

Who wants to put valuable time into their labor
of love and have it bomb? Then find out later...
that one thing done differently would have made
your blog into a sure-fire visitor-magnet!

Don't waste time on doing things a little bit right.
Not when you can be shown how to create a winner
by a master-blogger.

Rob Benwell can be your guide to success.
Because he's done it. Over and over. And, we all
know that practice makes perfect!

Find out how you can too! Click on the above
banner or...

To your future blogging success!

Monday, July 2, 2007

How To Create The Perfect Blog To Promote Your eBook

Rob Benwell's "Blogging To The Bank 2.0"
is now available!

I grabbed his first Blogging To The Bank and
was gobsmacked by the amount of viable
information. Everything you need to know to
create the successful blog.

Here's one sequel that outperforms the first!
And we know that doesn't happen very often.

If you're working on your eBook or have one
ready and want to promote it in the most
successful way, you have to check out
Blogging To The Bank 2.0!

If you're looking for Tiffany Dow's
Building An eBook Empire, scroll down.

If you're here to see Stuart Stirling's $7
guide to Instant Cash Payouts to writing,
publishing and marketing your own eBook,

Cheers to your success!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Perfect "Work At Home" Business

I can't think of any other home based business
that can be more fun or rewarding. And that's
writing, publishing and selling your own ebooks

It's the perfect business for:

* stay at home moms
* retirees
* students
* physically disabled
* caregivers
* writers...sick of rejection slips
* anyone who is sick of the rat race
* the unemployed who need to create a job

Heck, just anyone! Why is it perfect? Because,
everyone wants information about
something! And you can supply the
informational product to the consumer.

To find out how to start your own info-
business for the least amount of money,
check out Stuart Stirling's info-packed
ebook. The bonuses alone are prime value!