Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Building An eBook Empire Review

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Building An eBook Empire!

Now for the review...

She had me at the first glance of the sales copy.
But that's the idea, right? Who is impressed by
poor, shoddy web copy? Even if it hides a gem,
many will never know about it.

So we all see the best copywriting anytime we're
online. No biggie. I've even purchased eBooks from
great sounding sales pages. And have been disappointed
at times. You too?

I guess what really intrigued me with Tiffany Dow, was
the fact she's a ghostwriter. And not just for anybody.
She works with the top names in the internet marketing
business. We may have already purchased eBooks written
by Tiffany Dow and not known it!

And her eBook was going to go behind the scenes and
teach us exactly what she does when successful internet
marketers hire her to create their bestselling eBooks?!

Well, let me have at it! Whip out the credit card. Now,
if you think I can tell you I have bought thousands of
dollars of "make money online" books, hah! I'm very
careful with what I spend my money on.

When I downloaded Building An eBook Empire
and began reading, I knew I'd made the right choice.
I never had one moment where I was wondering if
I'd done the right thing.

If writing eBooks, publishing eBooks online and
marketing eBooks is something you are interested in,
then I can recommend this eBook to the highest.

The steps are all spelled out for you. IF you follow
what Tiffany teaches, you will see an eBook of your
own, for sale online!

The official page again is here...Click Here!

Scroll further down for chapter by chapter details.

Monday, May 21, 2007

eBook Publishing

I know what it's like! We're too damn busy.
Information overload. Our minds having a
million thoughts at once.

If you arrived here to learn more about
Building An eBook Empire, and just
don't have the time to skim and scroll
through the posts to get to the nitty-gritty
of writing eBooks and making money from
your eBooks, just go to the official site right
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Top Of The Niche To You!

We are now at Chapter 10 of Building An
eBook Empire...

It's the last chapter of the book and I'm
filled to the brim with information on becoming
an information entrepreneur! Solid information!

In this chapter, Tiffany ties it all up and explains
what you'll want to do now that your first ebook
has been written and put online.

Whatever money-making niche you've chosen for
your ebook, now you'll want to tap into the niche
for all it's worth.

You'll be shown examples of how to think it through.
This is where your keyword research proves to be
the lifeline of your internet marketing business.

Since you've been building your list and establishing
trust with your customers, they'll be eager to see
what else you have to offer them.

So for all the infopreneurs out there and for the
established eBook publishers who want to find out
just what does go on behind the closed doors of
the top internet marketing gurus
, take a look at the
official site of Building An eBook Empire...
right here....Click Here!

Thank you for going through the chapters with me...

My warmest regards,

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Affiliate Programs: Setting Yours Up

Chapter 9 of Building An eBook Empire,
covers a crucial topic. When you first think
about it, you may pooh-pooh the idea.

But Tiffany explains in detail why you should
set up an affiliate program for your eBook.
And the difference in your income if you do it!

If you have a printed book on the market, you'd
want it to be in as many bookstores as possible.
You'd dream of it getting on a bestsellers list.

Well...with your eBook, an affiliate program
is your means of hitting the bestseller list!

There are important tips in this chapter from the
gurus. If you're wondering how Tiffany Dow
managed to get the direct line to these top marketers,
remember...she was writing their bestselling
eBooks! They had to let her in on the behind-the-
scenes tactics. (probably didn't think she'd ever
spill the beans, though...)

Until I read this chapter, I didn't think I would
ever set up my own affiliate program. But now...
it's the only thing that makes sense if you want
to be a top income producer in the internet
marketing field.

I can not stress enough how much I'm impressed
with Building An eBook Empire. Tiffany Dow
has given us the means to be a writer and have our
own home based business.

If you're ready to follow her directions...Click Here!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eBook Customers

In Chapter 8 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany talks about customer service. As we all
know, there are business people who just don't
treat their customers right!

Is anything more annoying than signing up for
a newsletter and instead of news, you are
bombarded with email after email of offers?
Where's the news? What makes me the craziest
is getting dozens of the same offer from the
same marketers, one after the other. With
all of them having a special bonus if you buy
only from them! All of them scrambling to
out-bonus the other. Then I have to unsubscribe
because I'm feeling a tad disgusted.

Customers are the only people who matter!
They deserve your utmost respect and gratitude.
We may not be able to physically give them a
smile and shake their hand but believe me,
those feelings better be in your heart. Your
customer will know!

They part with their hard-earned money and
the marketer had better deliver. What do some
internet marketers think, anyway? That we
are happy to be scammed or to receive a shoddy

I once bought an eBook that wasn't even proofread!
Not to mention that what was stated on the website
was not in the product! Refund!!!

Will I trust them again? No!

Okay, sorry for the rant...

Tiffany also goes into detail about how and why
to cloak your links. And explains customer management

As I said before, Building An eBook Empire delivers
and I'm proud to recommend this outstanding product.

Click Here! to go behind the scenes and learn what only
a ghostwriter to the gurus can teach you...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Branding Your eBook

In Chapter 7 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany explains how to brand your product and
all about your product launch. (don't you love
the sound of that?) And why your product
launch will start weeks ahead of time.

There's a wonderful section on blogs called,
Blogging Your Way To Big eBook Bucks.

In it, she teaches you...

*why you need to blog
*how to set one up
*why it should be on your own domain
*how to promote your blog

One of the reasons I'm so impressed with
Tiffany Dow is...she does not hold back.
Other marketers will tell you that you must
have an opt-in box on your squeeze page. HUH?
But, notice they never explain how? Tiffany

Also she tells us about using free services
for our internet marketing business. And where
to find them! Tiffany understands the money
issue when starting a new venture. Especially
when there isn't a lot of cash flow.

Social networking is taught...

*which ones allow marketing
*why you need to be an active participant
*a list of different Web.2 sites

She explains what bookmarking means.
Why and how to do it!

The advantage of Press Releases.
*the whys and hows


You see why I couldn't possibly do a one-post
review of Building An eBook Empire?
There's so much information in Tiffany Dow's

If you want to launch your very own "ebook
internet marketing business" I cannot
recommend a more qualified person to teach
you how, than Tiffany Dow!

*She's been in the trenches and learned from the
top gurus about internet marketing as their

*She's a professional writer...

Click Here! to check out the official site!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Show Me The Money!

In Chapter 6 of Building An eBook
Empire, we talk money! This is where
the hard work begins to pay off.

Tiffany teaches you in this chapter...

*why you should post your product
with more than one service

*another way but tells you why it's
the most expensive

*which way gives you the best deal

*the steps to take to get your product

* to protect your
downloads from thieves!

*the special tool the "gurus" use and

*all about the sales page

*how to walk customers through the sale

I gotta tell you. The more I read of Building
An eBook Empire, the more impressed I
become. It truly is the only guide you need to
creating you own internet marketing business
the way the superstar gurus do it! there an empire in your future?

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Your eBook Website

Lordy, Chapter 5 of Building An eBook Empire,
is worth the price of the book alone!

In this chapter, Tiffany teaches you about (SERPs),
Search Engine Results Pages. Folks, this is crucial
to internet marketing. No matter what your product
happens to be.

You'll learn how to secure a top spot with the
search engines for one of your phrases or keywords!

She also explains the Google Dance. Hmmm,

Every step you need to take when you create your
web site for your eBook is outlined. Even a techno-
dweeb like me understands!!!

Tiffany will tell you how to choose your domain
name and what you must look for in a host.

How to gain credibility and have total control of
your internet marketing business.

I must confess to having a mental-block whenever
I would think of site design...terrified is more
like it.

Well...the way Tiffany explains it...I GET IT!!
She's not kidding when she says it's site design
anyone can do!

And who doesn't love free stuff? Yet again,
we are told where to get free stuff to help
with our website. Mercy!

Then comes the most thrilling moment in any
internet marketer's business...Going Live...

You'll be guided through this major event.

Tiffany Dow delivers in Building An eBook

If you come away from this ebook creation guide
just half as excited and motivated as I am, you
have spent your money well!

To take another look...

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Building An eBook Empire...Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany Dow teaches you:

*how to write sales copy
*how to get testimonials
*what to do about the bonuses
*the importance of the guarantee
*how much to charge

A most important lesson will be about
your sales page. You may have to think
outside the rut on this one. Why?
Because consumers will let you know the
exact kind of sales page that works. With
their wallets. So you have to listen to them.

At all times, tell the truth! There is nothing
worse than reading a sales page, ordering
the product and wondering how they both
matched up. Do you give your trust to that
marketer again? I sure don't!

I've even been known to have the product in
my hand and as I'm reading, I'll keep going
back to the sales copy for the eBook. And
everything that's on the sales page that
convinced me to order the eBook, better
darn well be in the eBook!!!

If it's not, all credibility is lost. I
unsubscribe from their newsletters and
ignore anything I see by them in the

This is why I can give you my blessing on
Building An eBook Empire.

It's all in there, folks! I looked!

So if you're a future eBook writer and
internet marketer...what are you
waiting for? Click Here!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

eBook Covers

Confession time. I love bookstores. I love
the smell and the visual effects. There is
something so satisfying about holding a new
book in my hands. Studying the cover
design. Reading the back cover to see what
it's promising me...Ahhh...

Now we have eBooks. Digital books. Downloaded
to your computer. I love eBooks as well but
it's a whole different love affair.

When you see what you want in an eBook, you
don't have to hop in the car and find a bookstore.
You can have your eBook instantly. And we have
become an "instant gratification" society.

There are pros and cons to both the virtual book
and the tangible book. But, let's face it...if you
want to make money writing, there is only
one solution. eBooks!

You can zero in on a particular market segment
and provide the information they are ready to
pay for. Compare that to the non-virtual world
of publishing and it's a no-brainer.

You do want to make money sooner rather than
later. That's why I also love Tiffany Dow's book,
Building An eBook Empire. It guides you
along every step of the process needed to become
an eBook writer and make money online in your
very own internet marketing business.

Now back to eBook covers. Since we can't hold
and smell the eBook we are thinking of buying,
we need something to take its place. Call it a
quirk in our brains, if you will...but we need to
have a visual presentation, even though we know
it's a digital book.

In Chapter 3 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany explains the ways to obtain your eBook
cover and the things you want to think about
before making your final choice.

It may seem like a simple part of the whole
operation but it's an important part you want
to spend thought and time on.

If you're ready to become a successful eBook
writer, making money online with your own
business, it's time to discover what the gurus
would prefer you never find out.

After all, Tiffany Dow knows their secrets of
being a successful internet marketer. She was
their ghostwriter!

Click Here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Keywords: The search that never ends...

In Chapter 2 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany Dow teaches you the importance of

Keywords are the words and/or phrases
that people enter in search engines to find
matching web pages. To get the information
they need and will pay for. Like your eBook!

Nothing starts without the keyword! If your
potential customers can't find you, well--
you know the rest.

You'll want to think like a potential buyer.
What words will they use to look for a product
like yours? What phrases might they use? You
will want to make an extensive list. The top
marketers spend alot of time in keyword
research. It's that important. As well you'll
want to develop the long-tail keywords, which
Tiffany will tell you about.

You will build your keyword list so
people can find your website...and, these
keywords will also be used for advertising,
say, with Google Adwords, if you so choose.

You'll be doing keyword research to find
new ideas for your future eBook creations.

Along with your head, there are several good
keyword search tools available. Many are
free! And some excellent paid tools. It's a
cost well spent.

In Building An eBook Empire, Tiffany
teaches you sound search tips. And even a
way to spy on your competitors! You can see
what keywords they are using to attract the
same buyers you want to visit you!

To create your own publishing business,
Tiffany Dow's information packed book will
give you the blueprint to do exactly that!

Check it out...Click Here!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Finding Your Niche

Niche Marketing...if you've spent anytime
studying internet marketing, you've heard that
you must find a niche.

The first chapter of BUILDING AN eBOOK
EMPIRE covers this important subject. You'll
be told not only how to find out what consumers
are looking for, but most importantly...what
they will spend money on!

We are so familiar with the internet marketing
gurus and their huge launches of "how to make
money" products, we forget one valuable point.

Before they became "gurus", they were doing
other things in internet marketing. That's why
they can write about how to make money online.

They won't tell you about their "secret niches".
These are continuous money makers for them.
Flying under the radar and under an alias!

But, Tiffany Dow knows their secrets because
she was the ghostwriter to the gurus! For 6
years, Ms. Dow was learning the tricks of the
trade along side the biggest names in the
field of internet marketing.

She now shares her knowledge with you in
Building An eBook Empire. This is a
truly informative book that will give you the
exact blueprint you need to write and market
your very own eBook.

I'm proud to recommend this to you...
Click Here!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Everyone Can Write An eBook

Work at home...make money online...hmmm,
it sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

If you've been doing any research on this topic,
you're probably heard of the importance of niches.
And although there are many ways to start an
internet marketing business, no doubt you heard
the gurus say..."To be successful you have to have
your own product."

Which brings me back to what I think is the best
way to create and sell your very own product.
eBooks! Now before you say you can't write, or
you hate to write or you don't know anything...
listen to this.

* If you can hold a conversation, you can write an eBook
* If you think you can't can.
* We all know something. Our jobs or hobbies, etc.
* There's research. And, no it is not difficult.

I truly believe everyone has at least one book in them
just dying to get out and see the light.

That one eBook could bring you in passive income for
years. When you know how to write and market your
special gem.

Which brings me to my special mentor...Tiffany Dow.
You have to check out this....Click Here!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Internet Marketing Gurus Expose Themselves!

Hearts be still. Alas, the gurus will be keeping their
clothes on...but their closely-guarded success secrets
will be exposed! And they are not happy about it.

You see, their internet marketing products that you
see everywhere are not the only products they have.
Nosireebob. You never hear about their other money-
making projects because they are flying under the
radar. Sneaky, eh?

But, these other products are responsible for big
paydays. I mean...really huge. And now, thanks
to the acclaimed "Ghostwriter To The Guru Stars"
you can have the "behind closed doors" truth.

My review of Building An eBook Empire isn't ready
yet because my head has been spinning all day. I'll
even confess to doing my "happy dance" a couple
times. Why? I can tell you this much...

Everything Tiffany Dow claims on her web
site is true! There's a novel concept for you.
I say it's about time.

So I'll get back to business and if you'd like to
check out the website that's exposing internet
marketers, just.... Click Here!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Writing For Money

It's been said that everybody has at least one
book inside of them. How many times have you
read a book and said, "I could do that..."

If you have ever had that thought and laughed
it off, hold on. Here's the truth. You know something
that others would pay you money to learn!

Stop shaking your do!

Okay. Another scenario. Let's pretend you really
don't know anything. But, deep down you've always
thought of being a writer. Writers research and so
can you!

But it's crucial to have help. A mentor. And, I
have found one. Tiffany Dow is her name. I wish
you could have seen how excited I was when I saw
the eBook she has written.

This was exactly what I've been searching for. I'm
off to grab a copy as soon as I finish here. Got a
feeling I'll be awake most of the night!!!

But, I'll be back to give you an honest review as soon
as I read Building An eBook Empire!!!

If you can't wait for my review, you can check out
what it's all about....just...Click Here! feels like every holiday rolled into
one! Bye for now...