Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Write An eBook With Operation eBook

Having choice is important. Learning from
different people gives you a broader range
of knowledge. Maybe even your "A-HA"

Check out this just-released eBook by
Paula Brett. You could send your eBook
writing and publishing
career on the road
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Help For The Internet Marketer: Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Today I discovered a new product that
was just released. This will be of interest
to those entrepreneurs who:

1. are affiliate marketers

2. are considering promoting an affiliate program

3. have their own eBook for sale online and want
to affiliate with other eBook writers and promote
their related eBooks

4. want to become an affiliate merchant with their eBook

5. who market any digital or tangible products online

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

How To Write Your Information Product In Days

As with anything, if you have a guideline
to follow, your job is made easier. Bumbling
and floundering along is not the way to go!

If you want a down and dirty, step-by-step
guide to creating your infoproduct, you need
Stuart Stirling's Instant Cash Payouts.

He explains everything you need to do, in
the order you need to do it. So you can have
your own information product ready in mere

The sooner you get the job done, the sooner
you will be able to promote and sell your eBook.

Action is what it takes. You've thought about
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Writing The Outline Of Your eBook

After you've decided on the how-to eBook
you are going to write, you'll at least follow
a general outline.

Your INTRODUCTION will let your
customer know what they will find in your
eBook. An overview of the entire eBook.

You'll talk about the benefits that they
will receive.

The meat of your eBook will have the
HOW-TO information. It will be organized
in logical order.

Meaning, the first chapter will tell them the
first thing they must do to get the results
they want.

And then you will tell them HOW they should
do it.

Each chapter will be a rinse and repeat.

It's no good to write a HOW-TO eBook
without the show and tell. That's why
they are giving you their hard-earned money!

To get your hands on an eBook which does
just that, check out Tiffany Dow's "Building
An eBook Empire".

She knows what she's talking about because she
was a ghostwriter for internet marketing super
stars. Do you think they would have hired her
to write their bestsellers unless she could
deliver the goods?

Ms. Dow teaches you the what, the why and
the how-to of writing your own eBook.
If you want to read a chapter-by-chapter review
of Building An eBook Empire, click on my May posts.

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Happy writing,

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rules For The Information Entrepreneur

There are rules to making money as an
information entrepreneur
. If you want
to be successful writing, publishing and
your informational products,
these rules must be heeded! With me?

**Rules For Information Producers**

1. There must be a market for your product.
That may sound silly to you but people create
eBooks, audio and video products all the time
and then find out too late that there's no market!

2. Ideally, the market is large and growing.
If your niche market consists of a few hundred
potential buyers, it will be a labor of love and
nothing more.

3. Reinforce the benefits of buying your product.
It has to be something in it for them.

4. Let the market know you aren't just educating
them but offering solutions to their problem.

5. Your information product has to be "evergreen".
Something you can sell year round, year in and
year out. Not just a seasonal thing that sits on the
shelf until the season or occasion rolls around again.

6. Deliver on your promises! Provide the information
your buyer needs to solve the problem. Concrete
guidelines and techniques. This can't be stressed
enough! How do you feel when you buy something
and it doesn't live up to its promises? Ripped-off?

Spend time learning and applying these rules
before you begin to create your information product.
This may be time-consuming but will pay dividends
in the long run.

Click Here! to download an information product
that shows you exactly how to become a top
information producer.

The promises are delivered. If you follow this
step-by-step guide, you will be a successful, happy
information entrepreneur!

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