Saturday, December 15, 2007

Writing eBooks: Is There A Book In You?

Is there a book in you? It's been said that there
IS at least ONE book inside of everyone!

So now you just have to get it out. And to
the readers. Writing the "how-to" is a
successful means to make money with writing.

Many write, publish and market their books
on the internet. You have a global market of
potential customers.

You can write about something you are
passionate about. There will be others who
will pay for your special knowledge on the

Take a look in your local bookstore. The
subjects in the "how-to" section are endless.
Even if you're at a loss for what to write about
but you KNOW you want to write and make
money with writing, there's always research.

You'll look into a niche market. Here's where
you'll target a certain group of customers.
"Evergreen" subjects are always winners.
These are subjects that will always be around,
unlike fads or trends.

Examples are: relationships, marriage, children,
employment, making money, etc...
People always want to know how-to be happier,
pain-free, thinner, get the picture.

Once you determine what you will write about
then the work begins. There's a method developed
by Marlon Sanders who makes writing an
infoproduct as easy as possible. It's like

He guides you in a step-by-step, click-by-click
method that will have you with an info-product ready to
release to the world in the shortest time, humanly

Take a look at Marlon describing this innovative
tool to help you become an Information Entrepreneur
and make money online.

Hint: This makes a wonderful Christmas gift
for the writer on your list if you're still not
finished shopping!

Season's Greetings!