Monday, November 24, 2008

Now YOU Can Learn From The Top Gun Of The Information Marketing Industry

OK. This is serious stuff. I just had an email
telling me about something near and dear to my

Information marketing. And my heart is still
pounding. Before the internet, anyone who created
info products had only one way to get the word
out. By direct marketing. Mail order.

It's so much easier today with our technology.

I studied the top marketers back then. One of
them was Dan Kennedy.

A brief introduction for those of you who aren't
familiar with this man.

Dan Kennedy is one of the reasons (in some cases,
the BIG reason) for the successes of: John Reese,
Ewen Chia, Russell Brunson, Yanik Silver, Carl
Galletti, Jeff Paul, Ken McCarthy and too many
others to even list here.

He is the "guru’s guru".

Plain simply, he is a genius. (Everyone who knows
him agrees with that statement.) And that's why even
billion dollar companies pay for his advice. And
they pay BIG. We're talking mega-bucks. Why?
Because Dan knows his field. He produces results.

Now Dan has taken the information he taught in
a seminar and has made it available for the rest
of us.

Please take note:

This is only for those serious about building
an information marketing business. And, quite
frankly, those who can afford his course.
Don't go spending your hard-earned money if
you're in a financial bind. Wait until things

People who attended this seminar paid nearly
four thousand dollars! That's right. $4,000.00!
Because they knew it would be worth it. And,
they were absolutely right!

This course called Info-Riches has just been
released today! Nov. 24th 2008. The pre-launch
price will hold until Dec. 8th. Then I don't
know what it will cost.

When you are ready to learn EVERYTHING you need
to know about the Information Marketing Business,
hold on to your heart and click the below link.
If you dare...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Recession Forces People To Count On Themselves: Create & Sell Your Own Product!

Make Money By Creating Your Own Product!

It's bad. It will take a very long time to see
things improve. Good thing the human spirit
is resilient. We know how to get back up even
after the toughest of blows.

Many shell-shocked men and women have
been racking their brains in these last months.
Trying to find ways to tighten their belts. Even
more. How tight can they possibly get?

Others are trying to find ways to bring in
extra money. The "just in case" money. To go
along with their income from the job. Which
they pray they'll be able to keep.

Business owners have always said that the
surest way to make money is with your own
product or service.

One of the fastest ways to create your own
product is by writing an eBook. Don't let
that scare you off. It's easier than it sounds.

You'll want to write an eBook that gives
information to consumers that they're willing
to pay you for.

There are two ways to do this:
*Using your own knowledge about a subject.
*Researching a subject that you don't know about

"How-to" information has created empires for
many entrepreneurs throughout history. It's
so much easier today with our technology.
An eBook just has to be downloaded to your
customer. No worrying about shipping and

To obtain a guide to teaching you how to create
your own product in the fastest time, take a
look at this site.

Make Money By Creating Your Own Product!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How To Turn Your eBooks Into Physical Books

Have you written an eBook? Would you like to
turn it into a "real" physical book?

Well, you should think about it. Here are some
advantages of converting your eBooks to books.

# You Gain More Credibility.

Yes, as a book author you instantly gain more
credibility as you are seen as an expert.

# You Get More Exposure.

Your book can be seen on the world's leading
online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
This gives your name and therefore your business
more exposure.

# You Have Another Product To Sell On eBay.

With the current eBay rules you cannot sell an
eBook as a digitally delivered item. However,
if you convert your eBook to a book you instantly
have another product to sell on eBay.

# You Have Another Way To Generate Traffic.

You can still add links to your existing products
in your book, just as you would with an eBook.

# You Have Another Way To Generate Affiliate Income.

Yes, you can still generate affiliate income
from your book and I will show you exactly how
to do it.

# You Have Another Autopilot Business.

If you choose not to sell on eBay and from your
website you can still sell from websites such as
Amazon and the whole process is 100% automated.

I'm guessing you may be thinking that the book
process is hard work. Well once you
see what John Thornhill has created you will think

John has created a video series showing you how
you can turn an eBook you have rights to into a
book in under an hour.

But the real beauty is John figured a way to sell
via online bookstores such as Amazon. And John
doesn't have to lift a finger because when a book
is sold they are printed and distributed automatically.
In fact all John has to do is spend the money he
earns from the book sales.

Just visit the link below to find out more.

Click Here!

Friday, November 7, 2008

How To Create Your Own Product & Sell It Online

How To Create Your Own Product And Sell It Online!

If you've often joked about inventing something
and making a fortune, maybe it's not such a
far-fetched idea.

You can invent your own product and make
money by promoting it to online consumers.
Will you make a fortune? That's up to you.
Many do.

By using online marketing, you are reaching
a global marketplace. Before you say, "I don't
have a clue how to go about it!", you just need
to get hold of a sure-fire guide.

One that will show you how to create your
product and sell it online. It will be yours
exclusively. One of a kind. Not like a gazillion
cookie cutters out there.

Business people always tell us that we need to
have our own product in order to make real

Start now to make 2009 a better year. You can
create your own bail out plan, even in this faltering

How To Create Your Own Product And Sell It Online!