Thursday, November 29, 2007

Writing eBooks When You Feel Like Smashing The Keyboard

If there are times when you're ready to smash your
keyboard and forever turn your back on your writing
dreams, please know you are NOT ALONE!

It's fine for them to say. You know. The ones who've
made it. You listen to them talk and it sounds like
they're living the dream. Maybe now they are. But
in the beginning it wasn't like that.

If you're like me, you're sick of hearing the "pitches"
of how EASY it is to create an online business. You
know the ones. Pages and pages of "gurus" telling you
that for a couple of hours a week, you too, can be a

Don't let them get to you. If there really are people
out there who had it so easy starting out to build
any type of business, I'd like to know their story.

There will be days when you will feel like quitting.
When you wonder why this writing bug had to bite

Yet, you're always drawn back to your dream.

--of writing ebooks
--of publishing your ebooks online
--of having an internet marketing business
--of finally working from home
--being your own boss
--providing a better life for your family
--having enough money to truly enjoy life
--losing the stress of financial worries

These are the reasons we keep going. Even when
we feel like crying. Of wondering how everyone
else always seems to have it so much easier.

(If you're wondering if I am having one of those days,
you're almost right. I'm actually having one of those
weeks!) And it hasn't been pretty!

But, I'm hanging in there. Because it's in my blood.
When I feel like this, I always go back and read
Tiffany Dow's incredible book, "Building An eBook

It keeps me going for the simple reason that she
literally spells everything out that we need to do
to write, publish and market eBooks. Our very
own eBooks!

Note: If you want to read a chapter-by-chapter
review of Building An eBook Empire, go and read
my May posts. It's all there.

Truly, she takes you by the hand and tells you
exactly everything you need to do in order to get
your eBook written. Promoted. And sold to happy

Tiffany knows what she's talking about. She was a
ghostwriter to big-name internet marketing stars.
The ones who made the big bucks from eBooks she
wrote for them. Who better to listen to?

Even through the tears!