Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Write An eBook: Top Way To Make Money At Home

How To Write An eBook!

I've been bragging about Tiffany Dow's successful writing guide,
"Building an eBook Empire" for years now. And why is that?
Because all the information and knowledge she puts in this guide
will lead you through the ebook writing process.

And when you have your finished product, she'll explain how
to promote and sell your creation. It's no secret that selling
information is big business. Why shouldn't  you have a part
in this exciting industry?

Yes, there are other good resources out there on writing ebooks.
But for the sound information and the unheard of low price, I feel
this is the best place to start.

If you want a chapter by chapter breakdown of Tiffany's
"Building an eBook Empire", you can find it in my old posts
by clicking on the blog archive to the right.

Make Money At Home With eBook Business!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are You Fed Up And Frustrated With eBook Writing?

You've wanted to write an eBook for a long time. But every time you start the project, you become totally frustrated and let's face it, a bit manic. (that's my state most of the time) So you lay the work aside. And then you stew some more.

But you always go back to your work because it's in your blood. You must do this. Knowing that when it's completed, you'll be able to sell the eBook online. After all, so many people are making a living online with their information products. You know you could too if only you had the right guidance.

There are three people who can show you exactly how to write an eBook. They are Tiffany Dow, Jeff Smith and Mila Sidman. No, you don't have to learn from all three at the same time. Some writers do like to accumulate all the information they can get their hands on. Others start with one that resonates with them.

Click Here! to learn about Easy eBook Creation. For Tiffany Dow's thorough Building an eBook Empire, and Jeff Smith's excellent guidance in his Ultimate Information Success Package, their links to their webpages are on the right.

Yes, it can be done. Because once you know how, it's easy to do the work!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do You Want A Home Based Business? # 1 Success Tip To Think About

If you've been spending time online doing research about starting a home based business, by now you probably are suffering the dreaded information overload syndrome. When I first came online back in the mid 90's, compared to today, there were hardly any websites to visit. Honest. Fast forward to now and it's hard to believe! And I feel old.

I'll make another guess that if you've searched, "make money online", you're ready to throw in the towel! If making money online is what interests you, it is possible with a lot of work. Don't believe the people who tell you differently. It's a business. Of course, it takes work.

Many start out with affiliate marketing. I love this business. You promote someone's product and get paid a commission if a sale is made. It's a wonderful way to learn about internet marketing.

But many successful internet marketers will tell you the same thing. Eventually, if you want to make a substantial income, you'll want to create your own information product. Or eBook. Some will do audio and others will do video modules.

The products are all about information. We all need information on anything we want to do or learn more about. Somebody has to supply the information. How about you?

Before you get totally scared away from the idea, think about it. Even if you don't know anything about anything, (highly unlikely) you can always do research. Then create your own product. The best thing about this is competition. With your own product, you're IT! There is no competition. And this is why it's the way to go if you want to make real money on the internet.

Now let's go back again to the late 90's. One of the names that I kept running into was a guy by the name of Jeff Smith. Since I've been interested in writing my whole life, naturally, when I got online, I would search for anything to do with that subject. And Jeff Smith's name always came up in my searches.

Back then, he was saying what everybody has been saying in the years since. Write and sell your own information product. This is what Jeff does. And he's still around. With over 10 years of success online, it's like 100 years in "normal" time!

I've watched many internet marketers come and go. But Jeff Smith can always be counted on. The reasons are really quite simple. He's an honest, ethical person. He doesn't go in for all the hype you'll see online. He doesn't need the flash and glitz to twist your arm. He is what he is. And he provides an honest product to his many customers.

If writing and selling information is something that you'd like to consider, then Jeff Smith's course is something you should look into. You'll be taken from start to finish. And then you'll have an honest home based business you can be proud of. And one that will bring in money!

Click on the banner on the right for "Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package". Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make Money At Home: How To Start Your Home Business Today

Click Here To Start Your Home Business Today!

As I've been saying for many posts, if you want to make a substantial amount of money online, it pays to have your own product. But like so many, you're probably saying, "But I have no ideas for a product!"

Sometimes the simple answers are the right ones. Something that's staring us right in the face is too obvious to see. We need someone to guide us that already has been successful in the internet marketing world. Someone who was once in the same place as you are right now.

Russell Brunson is that guy. If you are serious about starting a home based business or you're just playing with the idea, have a look at what Russell can do to help you on your way to success with your own business.

Make Money At Home!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How To Become A Published Writer With Instant Authority Program

Instant Authority Program!

How many people visit each month? Answer: 65 million! Now what if you had a book for sale on Amazon? Think about it.

People associate being a published author with Authority and Expertise. So why not you? If you haven't published a real book and made it available on Amazon, you are missing out. This is huge!

Kevin Riley and James B. Allen each recently discovered just how powerful getting a real book published on Amazon can be. They want to show you how they took advantage of this opportunity – and how YOU can too – quickly and easily.

This is a goldmine sitting right under our noses. They explain everything and I mean, everything you need to know to become a published author.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Making Money Online: # 1 Way To Succeed With Internet Marketing Today!

Years ago before the competition for making money online exploded with internet marketers, it was much easier to see sales increase as you learned the ropes.

Today with competition through the roof, that's no longer the case. It seems at times that everyone in the world is trying to make money from home. I know that isn't true but it sure seems like it.

More and more, affiliate marketing is harder to crack. At least I'm finding that to be true for me. The only sure way is to create your own product. It's not as hard as it sounds. If you don't have any area of expertise, (you probably do), then you can research.

I truly see creating your own product as the only way to make a dent in this internet business.'ll want to learn from the best. When I first bought and read through Tiffany Dow's "Building an eBook Empire", I couldn't believe how much solid information she put in there. Nothing is left out!

From start to finish, it's all in front of you. From getting an idea which is in demand, all the way through writing and promoting your eBook. Tiffany Dow's reputation is beyond reproach. An ethical internet marketer. There are so few out there as I'm sure you know.

Take a look at her "Building an eBook Empire" and I'm certain you'll see this as an answer to finally being able to crack the code to making money online!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Writing eBooks And Publishing On Amazon Is Easier Than Ever!

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Writing and seeing your work published is easier than ever before. The internet has levelled the playing field in the publishing world.

You can write ebooks and sell digital copies online. You just need your own website and then you're ready to market and promote your book. Don't overlook ClickBank for a marketplace. Then you open yourself up to an army of affiliate marketers who may want to promote your book. It's a viral world.

Now we have the Kindle ereader. Amazon has spawned many bestsellers through their Kindle publishing platform. I thought it would be complicated but I was on a webinar the other night and couldn't believe how easy it could be. Once you are given instructions!

There are many digital books that have gone on to be printed in the offline publishing world. Something to think about...

And, if you want to write an ebook but are at a loss on where to begin, I can only tell you the best source and that is Tiffany Dow. Her incredible "Building An eBook Empire" gives you a complete college degree to writing and selling your eBooks. Click Here!

Sell On Amazon As A Kindle Publisher!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Make Extra Money: Improve Your Financial Health With Online Business

How To Learn How To Make Extra Money!

Is there anyone out there who doesn't worry about money? About having enough to meet your obligations? About being able to cover any emergencies that come up? Provide for your family and take care of your retirement?

Even those with a lot of money have worries. But I don't lose any sleep over them, I confess. Money does buy happiness and I will argue that point with anyone. When the bills are paid, we're happy. When we don't have the financial stress affecting our health, we're happy.

This is why we want to make extra money, isn't it? The best way to do this would be something we could do online. If we have an outside job, tearing off to a second one is not the greatest option. If we're looking after children...ditto.

One option to making extra money is to put what you know to good use. By writing an eBook and selling it online. Yes, you know a lot of valuable information. And if you don't think you do, you can do research on any subject you want to turn into an eBook.

With your own product, you get total control. You can set up a website and claim all the profits or you can put it on ClickBank and have a whole army of people promoting it for you.

The next thing you're probably thinking is..."Sounds wonderful, but just how the heck do I go about doing all this great stuff?" I wouldn't tease you and leave you high and dry. I will turn you over to the one person in the world that can take you by the hand and turn you from a person not sure how to make extra money into an internet marketer making money online.

To learn everything you need to know, just visit here right now...

Make Extra Money!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making Money Online: Your Best Resolutions For The New Year!

We're into a bright, shining New Year. Filled with hope. Possibilities. Bursting with anticipation. What will it bring, we wonder?

Will we be taken in by the so-called "get rich quick" hoopla? Will we fall for anything told to us by way of a flashy website and promises of mega-wealth? Will our breath quicken at the sight of the mansions, boats, travel, good times? And why do so many have photos of young women with mega-enhanced boobs??? Do the guys really fall for this? Is this what they want? Never mind...

I will make a confession. I used to fall for the claims. (not the boobs) Because I foolishly believed that people told the truth. Why would they lie about something so important? Now we know better. There are internet marketers who lie. They lie all the time. Why? They want you to believe you can really make $104,000.00 in just 30 days if you buy their system. Because they and only them hold the secret to the wealth kingdom.

Not only that, you hardly have to do any work. No kidding. Work an hour a day. Then rev up the sports car or go surfing. Money will be flowing toward you because you have their magic system.

Whoa! Down deep we really know the truth. Yes, you can make money online. A lot of money. The old-fashioned way, you know. By WORKING!!!

So if you make one resolution for the New Year, make it this. Do not fall for the shady characters out there in the internet marketing world who just want to grab your money. Do your research. There are many honest marketers and they truly offer you the help and guidance to make money online.

Tiffany Dow is one such marketer. Integrity-plus! Any product she puts out there is a sound investment. If you want to create your own product, Building An eBook Empire is the only thing you need to get you up and running.

If you want to learn while you earn, her newest offering is what you need. Ghostwriting Cash will enable you to earn money online. After all, this is how Tiffany made her start. She was known as the Ghostwriter to the Gurus. Nobody knows the ins and outs better.

So make your resolutions. Then get started to make the New Year one of the best ever!

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