Friday, May 11, 2007

Your eBook Website

Lordy, Chapter 5 of Building An eBook Empire,
is worth the price of the book alone!

In this chapter, Tiffany teaches you about (SERPs),
Search Engine Results Pages. Folks, this is crucial
to internet marketing. No matter what your product
happens to be.

You'll learn how to secure a top spot with the
search engines for one of your phrases or keywords!

She also explains the Google Dance. Hmmm,

Every step you need to take when you create your
web site for your eBook is outlined. Even a techno-
dweeb like me understands!!!

Tiffany will tell you how to choose your domain
name and what you must look for in a host.

How to gain credibility and have total control of
your internet marketing business.

I must confess to having a mental-block whenever
I would think of site design...terrified is more
like it.

Well...the way Tiffany explains it...I GET IT!!
She's not kidding when she says it's site design
anyone can do!

And who doesn't love free stuff? Yet again,
we are told where to get free stuff to help
with our website. Mercy!

Then comes the most thrilling moment in any
internet marketer's business...Going Live...

You'll be guided through this major event.

Tiffany Dow delivers in Building An eBook

If you come away from this ebook creation guide
just half as excited and motivated as I am, you
have spent your money well!

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