Saturday, May 19, 2007

Affiliate Programs: Setting Yours Up

Chapter 9 of Building An eBook Empire,
covers a crucial topic. When you first think
about it, you may pooh-pooh the idea.

But Tiffany explains in detail why you should
set up an affiliate program for your eBook.
And the difference in your income if you do it!

If you have a printed book on the market, you'd
want it to be in as many bookstores as possible.
You'd dream of it getting on a bestsellers list.

Well...with your eBook, an affiliate program
is your means of hitting the bestseller list!

There are important tips in this chapter from the
gurus. If you're wondering how Tiffany Dow
managed to get the direct line to these top marketers,
remember...she was writing their bestselling
eBooks! They had to let her in on the behind-the-
scenes tactics. (probably didn't think she'd ever
spill the beans, though...)

Until I read this chapter, I didn't think I would
ever set up my own affiliate program. But now...
it's the only thing that makes sense if you want
to be a top income producer in the internet
marketing field.

I can not stress enough how much I'm impressed
with Building An eBook Empire. Tiffany Dow
has given us the means to be a writer and have our
own home based business.

If you're ready to follow her directions...Click Here!