Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Keywords: The search that never ends...

In Chapter 2 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany Dow teaches you the importance of

Keywords are the words and/or phrases
that people enter in search engines to find
matching web pages. To get the information
they need and will pay for. Like your eBook!

Nothing starts without the keyword! If your
potential customers can't find you, well--
you know the rest.

You'll want to think like a potential buyer.
What words will they use to look for a product
like yours? What phrases might they use? You
will want to make an extensive list. The top
marketers spend alot of time in keyword
research. It's that important. As well you'll
want to develop the long-tail keywords, which
Tiffany will tell you about.

You will build your keyword list so
people can find your website...and, these
keywords will also be used for advertising,
say, with Google Adwords, if you so choose.

You'll be doing keyword research to find
new ideas for your future eBook creations.

Along with your head, there are several good
keyword search tools available. Many are
free! And some excellent paid tools. It's a
cost well spent.

In Building An eBook Empire, Tiffany
teaches you sound search tips. And even a
way to spy on your competitors! You can see
what keywords they are using to attract the
same buyers you want to visit you!

To create your own publishing business,
Tiffany Dow's information packed book will
give you the blueprint to do exactly that!

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