Monday, May 14, 2007

Branding Your eBook

In Chapter 7 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany explains how to brand your product and
all about your product launch. (don't you love
the sound of that?) And why your product
launch will start weeks ahead of time.

There's a wonderful section on blogs called,
Blogging Your Way To Big eBook Bucks.

In it, she teaches you...

*why you need to blog
*how to set one up
*why it should be on your own domain
*how to promote your blog

One of the reasons I'm so impressed with
Tiffany Dow is...she does not hold back.
Other marketers will tell you that you must
have an opt-in box on your squeeze page. HUH?
But, notice they never explain how? Tiffany

Also she tells us about using free services
for our internet marketing business. And where
to find them! Tiffany understands the money
issue when starting a new venture. Especially
when there isn't a lot of cash flow.

Social networking is taught...

*which ones allow marketing
*why you need to be an active participant
*a list of different Web.2 sites

She explains what bookmarking means.
Why and how to do it!

The advantage of Press Releases.
*the whys and hows


You see why I couldn't possibly do a one-post
review of Building An eBook Empire?
There's so much information in Tiffany Dow's

If you want to launch your very own "ebook
internet marketing business" I cannot
recommend a more qualified person to teach
you how, than Tiffany Dow!

*She's been in the trenches and learned from the
top gurus about internet marketing as their

*She's a professional writer...

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