Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eBook Customers

In Chapter 8 of Building An eBook Empire,
Tiffany talks about customer service. As we all
know, there are business people who just don't
treat their customers right!

Is anything more annoying than signing up for
a newsletter and instead of news, you are
bombarded with email after email of offers?
Where's the news? What makes me the craziest
is getting dozens of the same offer from the
same marketers, one after the other. With
all of them having a special bonus if you buy
only from them! All of them scrambling to
out-bonus the other. Then I have to unsubscribe
because I'm feeling a tad disgusted.

Customers are the only people who matter!
They deserve your utmost respect and gratitude.
We may not be able to physically give them a
smile and shake their hand but believe me,
those feelings better be in your heart. Your
customer will know!

They part with their hard-earned money and
the marketer had better deliver. What do some
internet marketers think, anyway? That we
are happy to be scammed or to receive a shoddy

I once bought an eBook that wasn't even proofread!
Not to mention that what was stated on the website
was not in the product! Refund!!!

Will I trust them again? No!

Okay, sorry for the rant...

Tiffany also goes into detail about how and why
to cloak your links. And explains customer management

As I said before, Building An eBook Empire delivers
and I'm proud to recommend this outstanding product.

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