Monday, May 7, 2007

Finding Your Niche

Niche Marketing...if you've spent anytime
studying internet marketing, you've heard that
you must find a niche.

The first chapter of BUILDING AN eBOOK
EMPIRE covers this important subject. You'll
be told not only how to find out what consumers
are looking for, but most importantly...what
they will spend money on!

We are so familiar with the internet marketing
gurus and their huge launches of "how to make
money" products, we forget one valuable point.

Before they became "gurus", they were doing
other things in internet marketing. That's why
they can write about how to make money online.

They won't tell you about their "secret niches".
These are continuous money makers for them.
Flying under the radar and under an alias!

But, Tiffany Dow knows their secrets because
she was the ghostwriter to the gurus! For 6
years, Ms. Dow was learning the tricks of the
trade along side the biggest names in the
field of internet marketing.

She now shares her knowledge with you in
Building An eBook Empire. This is a
truly informative book that will give you the
exact blueprint you need to write and market
your very own eBook.

I'm proud to recommend this to you...
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