Monday, November 24, 2008

Now YOU Can Learn From The Top Gun Of The Information Marketing Industry

OK. This is serious stuff. I just had an email
telling me about something near and dear to my

Information marketing. And my heart is still
pounding. Before the internet, anyone who created
info products had only one way to get the word
out. By direct marketing. Mail order.

It's so much easier today with our technology.

I studied the top marketers back then. One of
them was Dan Kennedy.

A brief introduction for those of you who aren't
familiar with this man.

Dan Kennedy is one of the reasons (in some cases,
the BIG reason) for the successes of: John Reese,
Ewen Chia, Russell Brunson, Yanik Silver, Carl
Galletti, Jeff Paul, Ken McCarthy and too many
others to even list here.

He is the "guru’s guru".

Plain simply, he is a genius. (Everyone who knows
him agrees with that statement.) And that's why even
billion dollar companies pay for his advice. And
they pay BIG. We're talking mega-bucks. Why?
Because Dan knows his field. He produces results.

Now Dan has taken the information he taught in
a seminar and has made it available for the rest
of us.

Please take note:

This is only for those serious about building
an information marketing business. And, quite
frankly, those who can afford his course.
Don't go spending your hard-earned money if
you're in a financial bind. Wait until things

People who attended this seminar paid nearly
four thousand dollars! That's right. $4,000.00!
Because they knew it would be worth it. And,
they were absolutely right!

This course called Info-Riches has just been
released today! Nov. 24th 2008. The pre-launch
price will hold until Dec. 8th. Then I don't
know what it will cost.

When you are ready to learn EVERYTHING you need
to know about the Information Marketing Business,
hold on to your heart and click the below link.
If you dare...