Sunday, January 6, 2008

Writing Booklets & Reports

What's the difference between an eBook and
an eBooklet/report?

Damned if I know! I've seen 30 page BOOKS.
And, I've seen 65 page REPORTS.

Guess it all depends on the writer and what
they choose to call their info-product. I've
seen more solid, usable information put into
20 pages than 100 pages. Again, it depends
on the writer.

There are writers who put in a lot of filler.
As you're reading a terrible feeling comes
over you. "Get to what I want to know!"

Whatever format you, as a writer, choose to
call your info-product, one thing you have to
do...Give Your Reader What They Want!

If your customer buys your book about how
to play an improved game of golf, then that's
what you'd better deliver. 'Cause it's all about
the customer!

Helping them to improve something or lessen
their pain. Or motivate and inspire. You do
not want your reader to feel as if they've
wasted their time or their hard-earned money.

You won't go wrong if you put the reader first.

This is why I can recommend these two products.
Both will help you with your info-product creation.

One is by Stuart Stirling, called Instant Cash Payouts.
He provides solid information to take you by the
hand to reach your goal. Don't let the price fool you.
When you see it, you'll think, "What will I get for
practically nothing?" You WILL be surprised.

A different product is by Marlon Sanders. He's
created a "dashboard" in which you simply
"point & click" your way to your info-product!
And, surprise...He just so happens to call his new
creation, "Info-Product Dashboard"!!!

You really have to go to Marlon's site in order
to understand what it's all about. You wouldn't
believe me if I told you, I'm sure.

You can create your own exclusive product and
begin your own Information Empire in 2008!

Happy Writing!