Saturday, May 3, 2008

Information Entrepreneurs Build Empires

Yes, it does happen. You've read about them.
Some are quite famous. Others work quietly
under the radar, amassing their fortunes.

Knowledge is power. In more ways than one.

If you have it and sell it, you've got the power.
If you need to know something and obtain the
knowledge, you've got the power.

Totally win-win.

Selling information and knowledge is a money-
maker. Today it's easier than ever before because
of the internet. Downloading digital eBooks is a
writer's utopia.

The information entrepreneurs have it made.
They get to work from home, doing something
they love and make a living! Some get wealthy!

Is it easy? Hell, no! Nothing worthwhile is easy.
It takes work. It won't happen watching TV or
playing computer games.

So if you have an idea for an eBook but just
don't know what to do and in what order to
do it, I have the teacher for you.

She used to be a ghostwriter for many of the
famous "gurus" so she knows what she's talking

This is one incredible guide that takes you from
idea to finished product ready to go to market.
When I first received mine, I was shocked with
the amount of truly, valuable information on
Building An eBook Empire.

Tiffany Dow leaves nothing out. If you want to
put in the work, the step-by-step system of
Tiffany's is all you need to take you the distance!