Friday, March 28, 2008

Awaken The Writer Within: Now You CAN Be A Writer

Have you always had that burning desire to
write? To be a writer? Were you the one who
secretly rejoiced when your teacher gave
writing assignments while everyone else groaned?

Have you bought every book on writing you could
get your hands on? Do you have a shelf of books
from Writer's Digest like I have?

Are you a published writer? Or are you still

You have writers who you follow with a passion.
Waiting for their next book to be released.

On your list of favorite and beloved writers,
is the name Jim McMullen there?


Well, Jim's one of those guys who became a
quiet success. He wrote a NY Times Best Seller
that sparked a revolution.

As a matter of fact, Jim is even credited with
saving the near-extinct Florida Panther...and
helping to make it the State Animal of Florida.
(now that's impressive)

So, even though he flies under the radar, he's
definitely someone who knows what he's talking
about...and someone worth listening to.

Jim took his life's passion and turned it into
a smash hit. The NY Times even did an editorial
review of his think-piece "Cry Of The Panther".

But what does that mean to you, anyway? Well,
if you've ever dreamed of writing your own
book, living the lifestyle of an author, then
you need to pay attention here.

After living the retired life deep in the
swamps of the Everglades, Jim has been coaxed
out again.

He put together what some are calling the,
"Simplest way for anyone to write, finish,
and publish your own book."

Jim focuses on helping you take that idea
you have and turn it into a book. And you
know what that means, right?

As a Published Author you'll get paid every time
someone buys your book. You will literally earn
money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..even while
you sleep.

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Never before has turning your passion into
profit been this close to you.

So whether you want to write eBooks, fiction,
non-fiction or just to be a better writer to
help you in your career and all through life,
have a look at what Jim can teach you.

Jim is also giving away the first few chapters
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