Saturday, March 29, 2008

Writing and Procrastination

You know you want to write. You believe you have
something that others would like to read. It may be
to entertain them with fiction.

It may be a how-to book to help them solve a problem.

And if you're like a lot of us, your head is exploding.
With ideas. This is good news. And bad news.

It's good news that you have so many ideas you
feel like you could be writing forever and still never
run out.

The bad news don't know where to start.
This is the worst thing a would-be writer can be
going through.

Years can pass while you think about your first
subject. Believe me, I know. You watch the world
pass you by while you're still trying to figure it all

We all have to start somewhere. No, the first book,
eBook, novel, short story or whatever does not have
to be perfect.

That's what leads to the procrastination devil. We
have to lighten up in order to start up.

Have you noticed that people who do not seem to
have as much on the ball as you, become more
successful? Why is that?

While we were pulling our hair out and making
ourselves sick with doubt and worry, those other
naive souls simply DID IT!

Maybe they didn't know enough to paralyze
themselves with anxiety. Maybe they didn't worry
about failure. No, they just decided writing was
something they wanted to do and they sat down
and did it.

Then they sold their work. Became successful.
While we look at them and think how unfair the
world really is.

I've seen it happen. You've seen it happen time
and again. These souls had confidence. They knew
their writing didn't have to be the absolute best on
the planet. But it was their thoughts and knowledge
spoken from the heart.

Are we going to continue on with thinking about it.
Lamenting and fretting and getting nowhere?
Or are we going to take a page from their book
and begin. With the first page. Then move on to
the second. It will be finished.

Then you too, can look for a publisher. Or you may
decide to self-publish.

You may have written a how-to book and decide to
sell it online. As a digital download. As you know,
this is one of the most lucrative writing endeavors!

You have your own unique voice. Nobody else has
your take on things or experiences life in the same
way you do.

Whatever type of writing you are burning to do,
there is all kinds of help out there for you to get your
hands on.

However, don't fall into the trap of buying up every
book on writing ever published. I did that. Spent
so much time studying and learning, that became my
job. I would keep saying, "I don't know enough yet. I'll
just buy this one more book and then I'll be ready!"

When we take that approach, we will never be ready.
For anything in life. Especially writing!

We have to work through it and begin. It will become
easier. The hardest part is just beginning to do it.
Then it moves along with grace.

So, have confidence. You do have something to say.
Take a soulful breath and begin.

Wishing you the luck to reach your dreams....