Thursday, March 6, 2008

Writing and Selling Information: Now There's Just No Stopping You!

For more years than I care to admit, I purchased
books on writing. From Writer's Digest, local
bookstores, you name it. Since I work in a library,
you just know I've had my hands on every one in the

I learn something from every one of them.

Then there is Tiffany Dow. When I purchased her
eBook, I figured I'd learn a few things I didn't know
before. Sometimes different writers resonate with
you. This book left me gobsmacked.

Listen, I have to tell you. If you truly want to write
and market your own information
, there is
nobody I can recommend more highly than Tiffany Dow!

I was floored! Never has a book given me such
confidence. All you have to do is follow what she says.
No kidding. It's a take-you-by-the-hand, step-by-step
. She leaves nothing out.

From point A of the first inkling of an idea - to point
Z of having your finished product on the market ready
for the public.

Now if you want to know more about the chapters, you
can go back to my older posts. The very first ones.
I review all the chapters so you get to see what
Tiffany covers. Have mercy!

Then if that's not all...for an added bonus you'll get her
book, How To Write A Great Product When You're
Not A Professional Writer!

Now I've paid all price ranges in the past so when I tell
you Tiffany is only charging $27 for this treasure, well,
I think she's cheating herself. But hey, guess we shouldn't
argue. And believe me, at $27, it is a steal.

Tiffany Dow knows what she's talking about because she's
walked the walk. She was ghostwriter to many of the
internet marketing gurus. Yes, the ones who put their own
name on their eBooks. Written by Tiffany!

The one good thing to benefit Tiffany by doing this and now
benefits all eBook writers is that she had the behind-the-
scenes look at how these internet marketing superstars
managed their eBook operations. She learned exactly what
they did to be successful. And she spills their methods to you!

Building An eBook Empire! is the bible on eBook writing!

I can't stress strongly enough how I feel about this eBook.
Except, I wish I had written it.

All eBook writers who want to build a substantial home
based business
by writing and selling information
MUST have this on their desk. Click below...

PS....Shhh...there are other places on the web where
this sells for $47. But here it's a measly $27!!!