Sunday, June 3, 2007

Writers! Say Goodbye To Rejection Slips and Make Money With Your Writing

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Calling all writers...

Are you a "starving artist"?
Sad as it is, there are writers out there
who are working so hard to break into
print. To make a living by following their

If you are one of them, I salute your
discipline. You look at the bestseller lists
and wonder how these writers managed to pull
it off. Let's face it. There are books being
published that leaves you to wonder if the
manuscript missed an editor's desk altogether.

And still you struggle...the love of writing
is in your blood. You secretly harbor the
dream of writing the Great American Novel.

But you have your own reality show happening.
Things like the roof over your head. Food.
Clothing. Transportation. Utilities. This
is supposed to be bliss?

If you are sick and tired of worrying about
a life of poverty and have tormented yourself
enough over dreams of your best selling book-
signing party, listen up.

There is a way to put your love of writing to
work for you. One in which you can & will
make money!

You will have to relearn some things. Toss out
some rules you've lived by since you don't
know when. Forget your creative writing teachers.

But what if you could finally earn money with
writing? Would you be able to put aside the
established idea of breaking into print? It
doesn't mean you'll never again pursue your
dream of writing a best selling book. Just that
living with financial freedom right now is more

Here's the good part. You will become an eBook
writer! Simply put...selling information online.

You already know how-to information rules the
bestseller lists. Now you will be offering
information-hungry consumers the answers to
their problems.

Another term is consumer eBooks.

No more rejection letters! Your customers will
gladly pay you for your knowledge and research.

Simple Rules For eBook Writing

* write like you're having a conversation
* it must be reader-friendly
* just the facts, no fluff
* quality over quantity
* don't go on and on when fewer words will do
* think like your reader
* research books on the subject you write about

Just think back to your homework days of writing
an essay...

* research
* introduction
* main points
* conclusion

Haven't you banged your head against keyboards long
enough? Working hard for no results? You'll think
the work involved in writing eBooks is child's play!

And for writers, getting paid for their writing is the
most blissful feeling of all!