Monday, June 4, 2007

Stay At Home Moms

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Did you know you're part of an ever-expanding
group of American citizens? It was reported
on CBS, that there are now 6.8 million

I think the biggest surprise to the reporters
were the women themselves. You see, the
report was about women leaving high-powered jobs
with mega-salaries to stay home and be the one
to raise and nurture their children.

They weren't worried about becoming bored
or stale. Seems all that was considered ahead of time.

Losing their income didn't stress them to the point they
would change their minds' anytime soon. They knew
they had options of working from home once the child
didn't demand totally undivided attention.

There would be contract work. Telecommuting.
Another idea is to take their professional knowledge
and make money from it.

By writing eBooks. Or consumer books. The world
is full of information-hungry people willing to pay
for what they need to know to improve their lives.

When you consider what mothers know, there's
subjects galore to write about! Everything you do in
your role as mom is fodder for writing an ebook.

Later on, we'll cover some of those topics...

In the meantime, I know you are already
thinking of a list!

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