Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Work At Home As An Infopreneur

Why is writing, publishing and marketing
your own ebooks so appealing?

1. no investment
2. no shipping headaches
3. no production costs
4. 100% profit
5. the world is your marketplace
6. business can be run on auto-pilot

If you are published by a big publishing
house, you make peanuts compared to
what you can make by publishing your
own work online.

Your ebooks can be timely and not
out-of-date by the time they hit the

It's easy to update and revise. Easier
still to update your customers.

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Scroll down to learn about two exceptional
books that will round out your education
in becoming an ebook publisher.

Tiffany Dow's Building An eBook Empire,
and Dan Lok's The Niche Formula.