Thursday, June 28, 2007

Retirees: Retirement Planning Isn't Just About The Money

Retirement!!! That word fills some
with excitement. Others cringe at the
thought of it.

When we think of retirement planning,
we all think of finances, right?

But, there is an often over-looked area
that is ignored. That's the emotional.

Face it. This is a major transition of your

And many are not prepared for it. How many
times have you heard of someone only living
6 months to a year after the big send-off?

Your financial advisor won't be giving you the
most important advice of all. That's how to
handle the transition with your mental,
physical and spiritual health intact and prospering.

Your retirement can be the best years of your
life if :

-you have meaningful activities, a purpose, loving

This is a time to follow your dreams, not someone
else's for the first time in your life. Go online, to the
bookstore or library. Read everything you can get
your hands on about the retirement years.

You must be proactive and informed. Because,
this is your life!

All the best,