Sunday, July 15, 2007

Writing How-To eBooks: Don't Wait For Perfection

How-To Books are the most successful
publishing ventures in the off-line and
online worlds.

You know you have one in you. You've
been thinking of writing a how-to book

What's stopping you? Maybe the same
malady that strikes many writers...

You are paralyzed by questioning
yourself over and over.

Can I do this? Is it good enough? Have
I done enough research? Are all the
traffic lights turning green at the same

You read other books and think,
"Sheesh, I could do that!" The only
difference between you and the other
writer is this: They just DID IT!

Sometimes we have to simply jump in.
Analyzing until we have a meltdown will
get us nowhere. Watching book after
eBook get written and marketed, while
we suffer from confidence problems is a
life wasted.

We all have to start somewhere. And
the great thing about writing eBooks
is that you can update them. Change
them. Improve them.

All eBook writers had to start with the
first one. They became successful because
they constantly learned as they went along.

Nothing is perfect. Or ever will be. If that
were true, there would only be one
book in the bookstore on any given subject.
Boring, don't you think?

So...go ahead. Get that book that's inside
of you out in the open. Rattle the keyboard.
Wear out the delete key if you must. But,
get it done.

Starting is the hardest part of all.

You don't have to write a 100 page eBook
starting out. Go with short reports. Give
valuable information on your niche.

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Don't stay on the sidelines watching others
fulfill their dreams while you keep suffering.

And Good Luck!