Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marketing Your eBooks On Squidoo


Have you heard of Squidoo?

For those of you who haven't,
you're in for the ride of your

This revolutionary concept was
created by Seth Godin and you
have to go to the site and check it
out at http://www.squidoo.com/

This is a blog about writing,
publishing and marketing your
eBooks online
and the tools that
will help you succeed in your
internet marketing business.

So along with blogging, you must
take advantage of Squidoo to
market your eBooks. The best part
about Squidoo? It's FREE!!!

Now you already know about
Tiffany Dow if you've been checking
out this blog. And her Building An
eBook Empire.

Well, she did it again. She has written
one on everything you need to know
to use Squidoo to make money. For
those of you who've already purchased
her Building An eBook Empire, you
know how she delivers. You get what
you pay for, right?

Check out what you can learn from

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