Sunday, July 8, 2007

Manifesting Money: Write An eBook

"The Secret", Manifesting, Visualizing...

What I want to know is..."Where's my Genie?"
It seems he has better things to do than
command my wishes.

I envy those who practice the techniques of
The Secret with total success. For years
I've read everything I could get my hands on
that had to do with the Law of Attraction.

There was one good thing I received from all
that reading...inspiration. And that's a good

However, all the proper "thinking" did not
magnetize money into my life. And I still can't
figure out how using the Secret can make the
utility bills NOT appear in my mailbox. The
proponents would say I'm not doing it right.
They may be right!

For those of you who have to work to make
money, I know you understand what I'm saying.
Hopefully, you enjoy what you do. Even so,
it's taking more and more money for just the
necessities of life.

So whether you just want to supplement your
income or aspire to leave your job and become
your own boss, there is a sound way to achieve
that dream.

You can take what you already know and make
money with it. If you think you don't know
anything, you can research.

The business gurus all say the way to success
is to have your own exclusive product. By
writing an eBook, you'll have exactly that.

Then you can publish and market your very
own eBook online.

The information that has helped me may be
of value to you. One gives you an outlined guide
for everything you need to know at a very
inexpensive price. $7!

This can be found at:

For an extensive manual that does
everything but actually write the eBook
for you, you may enjoy looking into this
one. Wait til you see who wrote it. Talk
about an expose! This one is priced at $47.

If you're not quite sure this home based
business would suit your personality until
you know more about it, I'd go with the
$7 manual. This way you'll know if it's
something you could see yourself doing,
plus, you have the information needed to

If you already know you want to write,
publish and market eBooks online, I'd
go with the $47 heavy-duty guidebook.

For a more in-depth, chapter-by-chapter
review, just scroll down through the posts.
I talk about what you get in all the chapters.

Phew! Thanks for listening!