Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How To Be An Information Entrepreneur

Selling Information By Mail!

Anyone old enough to remember that?

For anyone wanting to start a home
based business a very long time ago,
a mail order business marketing books
was the way to go.

And we had our "gurus" then, too.

Do you see the pattern? Information
was always in demand. But, oh it was
so much harder than it is today!

Back then, the only choice was a printed
booklet, guide, manual, book, report, etc...
Just think of the printing costs!

You'd have to pay for advertising in papers
and magazines. More money! For those
who had thousands for an ad budget, they'd
take out a full-page ad in a glossy magazine.
(how I envied them)

If they were interested, they'd have to
write a letter asking for more information,
and go to the post office, for pity's sake!

Then the information seller would mail
the interested party a sales letter telling
them the benefits of their book. Another
go at the post office!!!

Then when the interested party finally
received your sales letter and decided
to purchase your offering, they'd go to
the post office again to send off their

And. Everybody. Waited.

Then the information seller would
package their product, affix the labels
and postage (!) and go to the post office

I remember waiting once for 6 weeks
to receive an important manual that I
was certain would change my life! (it did)

Drove everybody crazy. Everyday it
didn't show up was a day with a hissy fit.

Can you believe it?

Just look at now with the internet! Everyday,
I spend a moment thinking of how lucky
we are. And saying a prayer of gratitude.

For anyone today wanting to have a home
based business selling information, it is
a dream!

We don't have to wait for weeks as we
rely on the post office. We search for what
we want online. We see a sales letter. We
decide we want to buy it. And, presto!

We pay online and download our eBook
on our fricking computer! Who would
have thunk it? Gobsmacked, I am.

Yes, it makes me feel old. But I'm so
happy to be a part of this age where a
home based business is so easy!

And, isn't it a tribute to the value of
"information"? It was then and always
will be the best product in the world to
have and behold.

So....for those of you who remember
looking at ads in Popular Mechanics
and to those who just go to Google and
search for what you want, take heart.

If it's a home based, information-for-sale,
internet marketing business YOU would
like to start, you're living in the perfect

And, the easiest, quickest, least expensive
way to learn how to go about it would
have to be this jam-packed, lead-you-by-
the-hand eBook written by Stuart Stirling.

The bonuses alone is worth 10 times the price
you'll pay. (seriously...I don't know why
he doesn't charge more)

Go take a look to see if it would suit your
needs. And nobody has to go to the post
office. Yee Haw!

Go ahead. Make your day!