Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writing eBooks: Looking For A Niche In A Haystack

Writing eBooks is one of the best ways
to start your own internet marketing

The "ones in the know" tell us that.
We must have our own product to be

Yes, affiliate marketing can be lucrative
as well. And a great way to learn the
ropes of internet marketing.

But...having your very own eBook! You'll
be an original. Exclusive. No cookie-cutter
business for you.

Great you say, now what? What do I write

You need to find "a niche". One that has low
competition. But a niche that has interested

It could be a hobby. Part of your job. Or you
can do research. "Evergreen" topics are a
sure bet. Those are subjects that will be around

Subjects like...love, relationships, marriage, babies,
raising children, getting older, education...get the

Yes, they've been written about before. Everything
has. But you are going to bring your own special
slant to your eBook.

Go into a bookstore and see how many books are
published on the same subject. Same for writing

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eBooks, this is one that covers everything you'll
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