Thursday, November 22, 2007

Writing Books: Don't Make It Harder Than It Has To Be!

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans, wherever in
the world you happen to be today!

So, you want to write! I hear you! As with anything
you want to do, you have to be realistic. Focusing on
the BIG PICTURE is necessary, of course. But, in
order to accomplish your goals, you have to use the
cliche and "take one step at a time". Then you won't
become overwhelmed.

And we all know what happens when we're
overwhelmed with anything. Nothing gets done!

If WRITING is what you want to do, you especially
have to take it in bite-size chunks. Whatever genre
you want to write for, it's the same. One step at a

If you want to write the "great American novel",
concentrate on just one chapter at a time. Gradually,
you will have a manuscript to submit to publishers.

One way to learn as you go and get your feet wet--
(more cliches!!!) is to consider writing ebooks. Also
known as digital books, consumer books, downloadable

The greatest success is found by writing how-to books.
Even if it's FICTION you dream of writing, writing
eBooks will teach you the process of writing. You'll
learn invaluable skills you'll be able to put into any
type of writing.

And earning money online by writing ebooks is
nothing to sniff at, either. You can add to your bank
account with your internet marketing business while
you work on the great novel!

After reading and studying many books about writing,
I can highly recommend this one right here. Take
a look: