Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is There A Book Inside You?

You've been thinking of writing a book
forever. You have figured out that it
must be in your blood or it would have
stopped tormenting your dreams, right?

I can tell you from experience. You will
always be thinking about it. Until you
finally transform your mental book into
actual words!

It's time to get serious now, dear writer.
Half the battle is already over because
of all the mental work you've done over

But, you're no dummy. You know how
hard it is to get a publishing house to send
you anything but rejection letters.

You also know that self-publishing can cost
you a huge amount of money. So....

Have you thought of eBooks? You write
and publish your book online. Your customers
buy and download your digital book. Don't
you just love technology?

And, if making money is important to you,
you'll be happy to know that writing non-
fiction books is the fastest way to make a
living with your writing!

Consumers are hungry for information!
And they will gladly pay you for helping to
make their lives better.

When I needed to learn the best way of
writing, publishing and selling a book online,
I searched until I found a writer by the name
of Tiffany Dow.

Tiffany used to be a ghostwriter for the top
internet marketers. She looked over their
shoulders and learned just what they did to
make a fortune with their eBooks.

Then she wrote her own eBook! It's the
absolute best information I've ever found on
how to write, publish and market your books.

{If you click on posts starting in May, you'll
see where I give you a chapter-by-chapter
review of this incredible book}

Now it's up to you. Seriously. This book is
a step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand,
landmine of information. All you have to do
is follow what she tells you. You will be
a published writer. One that is making money.

"The new source of power is not money in
the hands of a few but information in the hands
of many." ~~~John Naisbitt in Megatrends

Go for it! Right here...