Friday, September 21, 2007

Your eBook Website Can Also Have A Niche Store!

Have you finished your eBook?

If you have your website ready to
let the world know about your
eBook, I bow to you. You've done
a heck of a lot of work and you deserve
total success!

Here's an extra twist to think about
before your site goes live...

Whatever niche your eBook is about,
there are other items that tie in with
your subject, right?

How does the idea of having a special
store set up on your site grab you? A
store that is totally targeted to the subject
of your eBook!

Say for example your eBook is about dogs.
Your niche store could have all dog-related
products in it. And, we all know how dog-
owners love to shop for their best friends.

You have written a travel eBook? Would
your visitors like to buy new luggage, book
a trip, reserve a hotel room somewhere in
the South Pacific?

Are you starting to see the possibilities?

Whatever your eBook is about....there is
something related to it. And, that can make
your visitors very happy.

How do you Build A Niche Store on your site?
Where are you going to get your hands on all
these products?

I was hoping you'd ask!

Your products and services will come from
eBay! Yes, that's right! You can now have the
brand loyalty of the #1 e-commerce site on
your website!

And we all know how everyone loves eBay!

Guess I should tell you that when a visitor
to your eBook website goes shopping at your
Niche Store, you get paid a commission on
their purchases.

You know you already have targeted traffic for
your Niche Store. They've come to see your
ebook Naturally they are interested
in new clubs! Maybe they'd like to book a golfing

Getting excited? Cheesh, I am!!!

To learn more about your eBook business
opportunities, grab a hammer and...
Build A Niche Store on your website today!

Best of the Niche to you,