Sunday, August 26, 2007

Niche Marketing: Helping You Choose Your eBook Subject

Do you want to waste valuable time
writing an eBook just to find out later
nobody wants your information? NO!

Do you want to make money? YES!

Writing eBooks, publishing eBooks and
marketing eBooks is not easy. What is?
But with the right information going into
this business, it can certainly be done. For
some, it's already being done in a big way.

The ones who have found success in their
eBook publishing business are the internet
marketers who have zeroed in on a "niche".

You can't be all things to all people. You
want to find a segment of consumers who
are hungry for information you can

Enter Andrew Hanson. He's the guy of
"Niche Marketing On Crack" fame. Well,
now he has "Niche Marketing Insights".

It follows the same principles. And, costs
a lot less money!

After you study Niche Marketing Insights,
you can turn around and sell it yourself!
How's that for a sweet deal? You get to learn
about what niches to market
get to earn money online while you are busy
writing your own eBook!

Sweet indeed! Check it out...

To the sweet life,