Thursday, August 2, 2007

Marketing eBooks On YouTube


Is there anyone who hasn't heard of YouTube?

One day some kids returned books to the
library and casually said, "Karen, you'll have to
look at our video."

"What video?" I asked.

Innocently they replied, "The one of us playing
our guitars we just put up on YouTube."

Huh? When I was their age, I was playing around
with my EtchASketch!

And, so is the power of YouTube Online Video...
The site that plays over 200 million video clips a day!

So if you want the fastest way to let the world know
about your eBook, there simply is no better way
than YouTube!

Check out my website and learn the tricks, strategies
and secrets few marketers are aware of. As of yet.
That will soon change.

Yep. The video revolution is among us. Internet
marketers know the power of it. You don't want to
be left behind.

eBook publishing has got a new, best friend. Check
out the website, get excited and get ready for your

Here's looking at you, kid!