Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make Money Online: Ghostwriting Cash Could Be The Answer You're Looking For

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If you haven't heard of Tiffany Dow yet, she's an internet marketer you will be hearing of. Mention her name in online marketing circles and the first word out of mouths will be "She's honest!" And how. Sometimes her honesty has been hard to hear. That's if you are an unethical internet marketer.

Tiffany Dow tells it like it is. If you're trying to rip people off, she'll call you on it. No holds barred. That's why people look to her for advice. If they are thinking of buying a "make money online" product, they check on what Tiffany has to say about it.

Now Tiffany has written a guide called "Ghostwriting Cash". It's how she started out online. And she went on to be known as "the ghostwriter to the gurus". She knows her stuff. And she can teach you.

If you need a way to earn money while you're trying to make money online doing affiliate marketing or trying to produce your own product or service, etc....Ghostwriting Cash can help you pay the bills. You may decide you like the money you earn from ghostwriting and keep at it.

This is especially beneficial to struggling writers who want and need to earn money while working on other projects.

So what will you be getting in Tiffany's eBook?

** You'll be clued into four additional perks (other than money) that come from ghostwriting for marketers who are already successful! These perks are what can help you set up your OWN residual earnings one day soon.

** You'll learn about the common mistakes that can KILL your online writing business in an instant - and you'll be happy to avoid them because they're tedious anyway.

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** You'll be schooled in what types of content marketers are paying money for - so that when they post projects or ask if you can do it, you can reply with a resounding YES!

** She'll share with you her Achilles Heel - the ONE area where her competition could have rolled right over her and painted her in a bad light - but they never did! Master this, and you'll have a better reputation than she did.

** You'll get guidance on the Big Three elements of your online presence that almost guarantee you'll be hired on a continual basis by the best marketers with deep pockets.

** Tiffany will take you by the hand and show you where the jobs are and how to ensure you're the one that gets hired time and time again while other ghostwriters are sitting there wondering, "How'd they DO that? I underbid them!"

** You'll learn dirty little tricks marketers use against you - so you can fight back and force them to pay you anyway. (She heard one marketer in a seminar telling others how he ripped her off - oops - that put an end to THAT!)

** She will admit to you the one reason she was hired on freelance sites over her competitors - and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the quality of her writing, her experience, OR her ratings.

** You'll learn how she ruined her competitor's chances to win almost every time - without resorting to unethical measures.

** She'll provide four of her real winning bids for you and analyze each one so you can see what won it for her as she breaks it down right in front of you!

** You'll gain insider knowledge on pricing your work strategically - not just setting a per page rate up, but pricing for winning freelance jobs, pricing for special deals that sell out quickly, and pricing to get paid more than you ever have.

** Tiffany will give you a system for managing your projects so that a new customer becomes a repeat customer - and a customer who brings in even more business for you.

** You'll find out how to deal with feedback - the good, the indifferent, and the really bad (hey it happens to the best of us).

** You'll get easy promotional methods you can use to pull in new customers without having to pay for a membership on a freelance site or buy your own domain before you can afford it.

** You'll get to copy 5 of her "Ghostwriter to the Guru" specials that helped her rake in the money whenever she needed it! This is a win-win situation for both you and the customer.

** You'll get a blueprint for breaking the glass ceiling once you reach that spot where you are writing as much as you possibly can in a day and earning as much as you can - you don't want to stop there.

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