Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get Paid To Write: From Starving Artist To Cash In Your Bank Account!

You're a writer. It's in your blood. Perhaps you are successful. Maybe you're struggling, like so many others. You are a good writer. Now it's time you get paid to write!

Ghostwriting can be the answer to your dreams. This could be what you want to do with your life. Maybe you're working on a novel but it sure would be nice to make money writing while you pursue your dream.

Why not use your talent as a ghostwriter to pay the bills? Of course, as with anything, you want to learn the ropes from an expert. And have I got a ghostwriting expert for you! Her name is Tiffany Dow. And she's one of the "good guys"!

Get Paid To Write!

If you can write at an 8th grade level, you can write content and sell it! Make it anymore complicated than that and you're missing the boat big time. People don't want to read long drawn out articles written to pass a college professor's scrutiny.

Online, people read "get to the point content." A large portion of the most read content online would never make it past my 8th grade grammar teacher - and that's perfectly fine online.

In fact, top marketers scolded me for being too professional when I first started working for them. They told me to dumb it way down, and eventually, I learned how to let go of my writing education completely.

There's a simple formula for selling your ghostwriting services, and once you know it, you'll be shocked at its simplicity.

So if you are serious about getting paid to write, do yourself a favor and get the best writing teacher on your side!

Make Money At Home With Writing!