Friday, November 19, 2010

One-Of-A-Kind Christmas Gift Idea For The Writer On Your List

For The Writer Who Wants To Be Published In One Day!

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is hard at the
best of times. You want to be unique. Do something
nobody else has thought of before. You want your
loved one to feel special!

If you have someone to buy for who happens to be a
writer or an aspiring writer, have I got a suggestion
for you!

You know about the exploding popularity of Kindle,
right? Amazon doesn't just snap their fingers and have
books on Kindle.

They depend on writers. This is where the writer on your
gift list comes in. Nothing is more frustrating for writers
than to wait to hear from editors to see if their work has
been accepted.

So much time can be in limbo just waiting and waiting...
Now in this great age of technology, your writer does not
have to wait anymore.

Results are instant! Well, in the time it takes to upload their
writing unto the Amazon site, that is.

In one day, your writer can see their very own book published
for Kindle and on Amazon for sale! It will blow their minds.
I watched the process from start to finish the other evening on
a webinar and my heart still races to think about it.

After you buy this perfect gift and download it, you can print
it off and wrap it up. Or if you want to be more creative, go
to Kinkos and have a cover made for it.

There isn't a writer in the world you won't benefit from
this amazing manual on becoming published in the shortest
time possible!

The Writer's Perfect Gift!