Sunday, November 14, 2010

Information Publishers: Tips For Your Sales Page

How To Have An eBook Empire!

One of the chapters in Building An eBook Empire
covers your sales page. So important. Isn't this
what convinces you to buy something. You want
details about the product.

Some subjects covered are:

*how to write sales copy
*how to get testimonials
*what to do about the bonuses
*the importance of the guarantee
*how much to charge

At all times, tell the truth! There is nothing
worse than reading a sales page, ordering
the product and wondering how they both
matched up. Do you give your trust to that
marketer again? I sure don't!

I've even been known to have the product in
my hand and as I'm reading, I'll keep going
back to the sales copy for the eBook. And
everything that's on the sales page that
convinced me to order the eBook, better
darn well be in the eBook!!!

If it's not, all credibility is lost. I
unsubscribe from their newsletters and
ignore anything I see by them in the

This is why I can give you my blessing on
Building An eBook Empire.

It's all in there, folks! I looked!

The Honest Truth About Becoming An eBook Publisher!